‘Southern Charm’ Cast Still Recovering From Thomas Ravenel’s Attack At Dinner, Cameran Thinks It Was Planned

Before Season 3 of Southern Charm, no season ended as dramatically or with the cast seemingly hating each other. However, approaching tonight’s season finale of Southern Charm, things are on shaky ground.

Last week on Southern Charm, Thomas Ravenel hosted a dinner, where he picked off each of his guests with nasty insults, leading them to flee into the Charleston night on Landon’s golf cart. But kicking it up a notch, Southern Charm’s Cameran Eubanks doesn’t think it’s a misunderstanding, but she believes Thomas Ravenel planned the attack on his friends, where he asserted his superiority over them.

According to the Inquisitr, the Thomas Ravenel dinner party from hell was foreshadowed all season, hinting to viewers that the camaraderie between Thomas Ravenel, Kathryn Dennis, and the rest of the cast of Southern Charm was on shaky ground. But who could have imagined that one minute the well-heeled guests would be sipping Gentry bourbon and the next they would be wincing from the cold personal insults of their host? Thomas Ravenel made it clear that he was the adult of the group, a “self-made man,” and the rest of the party were being supported by their mommies. Even Cameran and Landon, whom Thomas schmoozed all season, were wearing targets and fell victim to Thomas’ mad rant.

Bravo says that when Southern Charm Cameran, Shep, Landon, K. Cooper Ray, and friends sat down for dinner at Thomas Ravenel’s new Charleston home, they were expecting filet mignon or maybe tenderloin, but they sure weren’t expecting the dish best served cold, which was revenge for alleged past behavior and insults. Thomas Ravenel unleashed some crazy ire on his “friends” in language that has since been characterized as “sanctimonious” in a stance that was self-important and, as usual, self-serving.

Patricia Altschul, who was not invited to the dinner party, along with her son Whitney, called the social faux pas “armageddon.”

“I mean, it was incendiary. I’m surprised the police weren’t called. That’s my reaction to it… I think he chased them down the street in the golf cart, and golf carts can only go so fast. I think it was pretty scary.”

Fans who looked closely saw that the golf cart, driven by its owner, Landon, was nearly clipped when it entered traffic as the dinner guests were literally fleeing Thomas’ temper tantrum.

But while many people have come to the defense of Thomas Ravenel, saying that he was trying to be witty with his speech, Cameran Eubanks of Southern Charm believes that it was a planned attack on his dinner guests, according to All About the Tea. What Thomas Ravenel thought of as “words of wisdom” were instead a hostile rant of superiority to guests in his home, so it looks like Thomas needs a serious polishing of his legendary southern manners.

Tonight on Southern Charm, fans will see that more than half of the guests from Thomas Ravenel’s dinner party fled on the golf cart back to Landon’s house to dissect the evening and figure out what went wrong. Cameran insists that Thomas’ attack was planned, saying that “a leopard does not change its spots.”

Good-natured Shep reveals that he has already forgiven Thomas, but he says that Landon gave Kathryn too much ammunition.

“Landon gave her too much ammunition. You have to take the high road. It’s like putting steak in front of a tiger.”

At the end of the clip, Shep quips that Thomas, Kathryn, and Landon are closer than anyone would actually believe.

Tonight is the end of Season 3, and after that, all that’s left is the Southern Charm reunion, which should also be explosive. Thomas Ravenel has been clear that he has quit Southern Charm, as he is sick of carrying the rest of the cast, but Ravenel has quit before and never actually ever quits.

Fans of Southern Charm will have to see if there is a Season 4 of the Bravo show.

Will you be watching the Southern Charm Season 3 finale tonight?

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