WWE News: Two Big Updates Regarding Money In The Bank Ladder Match

Sunday’s WWE pay-per-view was being billed as the greatest Money in the Bank event in history. Whether it lived up to that hype is up to the viewers who watched it, but three matches were worth the price of admission. And WWE had to deliver on those three, with the show largely being booked around them. The main event between Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins, the John Cena-AJ Styles clash, and the Money in the Bank ladder match all had major implications surrounding them.

Reigns losing the title to Rollins, who eventually lost it to Ambrose, appears to have happened because of Reigns’ low drawing power on the house show tour. Regardless, it seems as if they are setting up The Shield three-way as early as next month’s Battleground. Cena and Styles will likely continue their feud because of the interference from Gallows and Anderson of The Club. The Money in the Bank ladder match was compelling and boasted many of the top spots from the night.

As previously reported on several occasions, the Money in the Bank ladder match was originally booked to include seven participants. The WWE even advertised it as such during the first night of qualifying matches on Monday Night RAW back in the end of May. But the following week, and every week thereafter, there were no more mentions of a seventh participant, and the angle proceeded with the six participants fans witnessed compete in the match at the Money in the Bank pay-per-view.

However, there were plans in place, at least in the beginning of the build, for a seventh competitor. As the Money in the Bank show continued to take shape, more and more speculation swarmed around who the seventh superstar might have been or will be. The top three names that generated the most rumors were Bray Wyatt, Randy Orton, and Finn Balor. Wyatt and Orton are awaiting the call to come back after recovering from injuries, and Balor’s promotion is imminent. But alas, the original name that was supposed to be in the match from the beginning was Kalisto, according to a report from Wrestling Inc. Below, you can see a graphic with Kalisto in the promotional materials for the Money in the Bank ladder match.


Kalisto, of course, did not appear in the ladder match, but he did team up with Sin Cara, as their Lucha Dragons defeated The Dudley Boyz on the Money in the Bank kickoff show. Although probably never expected to be in contention for the victory, Kalisto provided several highlight-reel moments during the triple threat tag team championship match at TLC in December. His presence would have simply added more memorable moments to a match he’d be a huge underdog in.

Aside from Ambrose’s victory and subsequent cash-in later in the evening, the most notable news to come out of the Money in the Bank ladder match was an injury suffered by Alberto Del Rio, who took an extremely nasty bump near the end of the match and had to be helped out of the arena by medical personnel. While there’s certainly a chance he was selling the effects of the match, all indications are that the bump off the ladder at the match’s conclusion was legitimate. Del Rio was able to apply a cross armbreaker to Cesaro while both were perched a top a ladder, and he also hit a backstabber on Kevin Owens before literally falling out of contention.

money in the bank ladder match
[Image via WWE]

Much like Kalisto, Del Rio was never considered a legit contender to win the Money in the Bank ladder match, but at least he was involved in it. Del Rio’s character had lost some steam while in League of Nations and especially since the group’s break-up. But his backstage segments with Chris Jericho and Owens were certainly a step in the right direction. Hopefully, there is an update on his condition following Money in the Bank.

[Image via WWE]