‘Single Dad Seeking’ Update: Paul Sanderson Shares If He Is Still With Kallie

Last night was the big Season 1 finale of Single Dad Seeking, and now everyone wants to know if the couples are still together or not. Paul Sanderson and Kallie decided to try to make things work, but she wasn’t going to be moving to be close to him and the kids. They both told each other that they loved the other one, but they were not making any efforts to live in the same area. Paul Sanderson just went to his Facebook page to share an update on how things are going with them since the show. Fans are sad to hear that things didn’t go as planned for this single dad.


All that Paul said was that he is in a relationship with someone new. He tagged a woman named Anna Bakken, and the two look very cozy in a picture together. They both look very happy with a smile on their face while they are posing together. No word on how long this single dad has been with Anna, but you know that he wouldn’t have been able to reveal it until the show ended last night.

When Paul and Kallie met on Single Dad Seeking, she hit it off with the kids right away, but Kallie and Paul had their issues. She didn’t feel like this single dad was giving her everything that he could, and their relationship just wasn’t going the way she wanted. Kallie loved this single dad’s children, but her family felt that maybe he was looking for a mother for his kids and not true love. It looks like Kallie’s family may have got to her a bit because she is not with Paul anymore.

Last night, Mike McGill also shared that his relationship with Valene didn’t work out in the end. She made plans to move to Florida and live with him, but the two didn’t work out either. If Mike is in a new relationship, then he hasn’t shared who it is with yet. Fans would love to see this single dad find love. He was a fan favorite, and everyone is going crazy, saying that they would date this single dad if they had the chance to date him.

At the end of Single Dad Seeking, they posted that they are looking for single dads for another season of the show. TLC didn’t officially say the show was renewed, but they are casting, so that means that things are looking pretty good for a future season. Everyone would love to see a few single dads really find love. By the end of this season, everyone had already split except for the two couples that shared that they have split since the show ended. Jason did get back together with his ex so at least he found love.


TLC shared that Paul has four children, which of course makes things hard. Kallie is one of triplets, and is used to being around other kids, so she got along great with his children. Sadly, Paul and Kallie were just not meant to be. Hopefully, Kallie has found love with someone else, as well, but so far she is not sharing that news. Kallie seemed like a great girl and things just didn’t work out for her and Paul. She would be fine with a single dad, seeing how much she loved his kids.

Are you shocked to hear that Paul Sanderson and Kallie split? Did you think that this single dad had found love that would last? Sound off in the comments section below, and hopefully, the couples on next season of Single Dad Seeking have better luck. No news yet on when Single Dad Seeking will return.

[Image via Facebook]