Baldwin County: Alabama County Refuses To Lower Flag After Orlando Shooting

Baldwin County, Alabama, has refused to lower the American Flag to half staff on government buildings after an order by President Barack Obama and Governor Robert Bentley to do so. County commission chair Tucker Dorsey says the flag lowering order does not align with the United States Flag Code.

“Once again I have to copy this post regarding lowering the flags because another follower of Islam decided to shoot up a bunch of innocents in a place where they didn’t have the chance to defend themselves or flee,” the Baldwin County Commission Chair said in a now viral Facebook post. “When are we going to acknowledge the truth? When will we stop the PC and identify the enemy?”

Tucker Dorsey has been the target of intense backlash on social media since the county refusing to lower the flag story made national headlines. Many individuals who made comments appear to have jumped to the conclusion that both Dorsey and the Alabama county are anti-gay.

The Baldwin County Commissioner was quick to point out the American Flag was not lowered to half staff after the San Bernardino shooting or the radical Islamic terror attacks in Paris as well, MSN reports.

“Lowering the flags to half staff after mass shooting or terrorist event is not a valid circumstance or memorial,” Tucker Dorsey added. “I realize that the president and the governor may make the order, but I believe and interpret their order inconsistent with the adopted flag code.”

Tucker Dorsey also had this to say about the refusal to lower the flag to half staff after the Orlando shooting.

“When the flag is at half-staff, our country’s head is figuratively held low, and quite frankly, I am not willing to hang my head down because of a terrorist attack against our people and our allies. I am not willing to hang my head down because evil shoots up a church, school, or movie theater. We need more than a gesture as a response. I want us, as Americans, to stand tall, courageously, and fight back against the forces of evil, and let’s fight like we intend to win.”

The Alabama county commissioner said he is refusing to bow his head the terrorists. Dorsey is not alone in his beliefs about the appropriateness of lowering the flag after the Orlando shooting.

Cole County, Missouri, had also initially refused to lower the flag after receiving an order to do so.

Despite objections by two county commissioners who believe lowering the flag too often will diminish the importance of the gesture of mourning, the Missouri county government leaders caved in and put the American Flag at half staff last Tuesday, 13KRGC News reports.

Cole County Commissioner Jeff Hoelscher held firm on his decision not to lower the American flag, but fellow county board member Kris Scheperle changed his mind and the vote on the matter was overturned.

“Where do you draw the line: one, 10, 49 in this case? I think one life individually, even in a smaller group, we should mourn then,” Jeff Hoelscher said when talking to local reporters. “There’s people getting murdered every day, hate crimes whatever, so we should leave the flag at half-staff every day? I mean it’s losing its value of being half-mast.”

What do you think about Baldwin County refusing to lower the flag after the Orlando shooting terror attack by Omar Mateen?

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