‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Liam Confronts Bill, Steffy Questions Ridge And Thomas, And Zende Remains Torn

Monday brings an interesting episode of The Bold and the Beautiful. Spoilers tease that Liam will be asking Bill some questions while Sasha tries to smooth things over with Zende. Steffy suspects that Ridge and Thomas are hiding something, and Vivienne is on hand to support Nicole. Where are things headed during the June 20 show?

As everybody saw last week, Bill created a secret room where he could hook up with Brooke, and the two got frisky as they contemplated how to move forward in this secret relationship. Liam almost caught them, and once they were gone, he found her earring in the bed. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers from SheKnows Soaps detail that Liam and Bill will talk about the room during Monday’s show.

Bill will manage to come up with some kind of excuse to explain the room by his office, but Bold and Beautiful spoilers indicate that Liam will not let his father off quite that easily. He will mention the earring he found, but it sounds as if Bill will find a way to explain that away as well. Obviously, when and if Liam catches wind of his father’s affair with Brooke, he will have a lot to say given his father’s lecture regarding the Steffy and Wyatt situation. For now, it looks like the affair stays under the radar.

Sasha got a big opportunity from Ridge, but the promotion immediately caused friction with Nicole. Both Sasha and Zende ended up offering to step away from the lingerie project to appease Nicole, and Bold and Beautiful spoilers detail that this complicated situation continues into Monday’s show. Vivienne will support Nicole for voicing her hesitations over her sister and her boyfriend working together, as it looks like Nicole feels a bit uncertain about whether she was asking too much of them.


At the same time, Bold and Beautiful spoilers suggest that Sasha will try to talk some sense into Zende. He stepped away from what could be a big opportunity in terms of building his career to keep the peace with Nicole. However, Sasha works to convince him that they can work together and that he needs to grab this shot at building his portfolio. Will he cave and agree to take back the gig despite the trouble it would cause with Nicole?

Steffy opened up to Ridge about her complicated feelings for Wyatt and Liam this past week, and Bold and Beautiful spoilers reveal that she will spend more time with her father during Monday’s show. It looks like Thomas will be in the mix of the conversation as well, and Soap Central shares that she notices the ongoing tensions between the two men. She will be asking questions, but will they give her any truthful answers?


Not only will Steffy be noticing the tension between Ridge and Thomas, but Bold and Beautiful spoilers tease that Rick will be noticing something as well. Obviously, of all the people that Ridge would want to keep this paternity secret from, it is Rick. The family may think that they have this situation under control now, but teasers reveal that shakeups are on the way.

Will Zende stay away from Sasha or will he take back the gig and upset Nicole? When and how will Bill and Brooke end up getting busted for their affair? Can Ridge maintain control over this paternity secret, or is it about to blow up on him? Spoilers tease that there is plenty of drama ahead this week, and Bold and the Beautiful fans will not want to miss any of the action.

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