One Direction: Will We Ever See An End to Louis Tomlinson Drivel?

One Direction star Louis Tomlinson is one of the most high-profile celebrities in the music business. As a result of his fame, Tomlinson fans are always hungry for news about Louis and his One Direction bandmates, but at what point do stories stop becoming news?

Of course, as any fan knows, Louis, Harry, Liam and Niall are currently enjoying their first break from One Direction for well over five-years. As a result there is a distinct lack of any real news about Tomlinson or the band, but that does not stop some elements in the press from printing the most inane information about Louis.

At present Tomlinson seems to be keeping the lowest of low-profiles. It has been some time since Louis has been pictured leaving nightclubs, and even longer since Tomlinson has been spotted hanging out with any of his bandmates. One Direction have not been seen together as a group since early December when they wrapped up the promotional tour for their fifth studio album, Made In The A.M.

Admittedly, Louis and Liam Payne attended the Brit Awards together back in February, and as reported by the BBC, Tomlinson faced off against Niall Horan for Soccer Aid, a charity soccer match. One Direction fans are understandably nervous that all of the boys have been silent for some time about their futures, especially as rumors persist over Tomlinson’s relationship with Harry Styles.

It sometimes seems that media outlets, notably U.K. tabloids the Daily Mail and the Sun, have to meet a quota of weekly stories about Tomlinson, even when there is nothing to tell. The end result is that Louis is the subject of almost daily reports of mind-numbing insignificance.

Over the weekend the Daily Mail printed not one, but two stories about Louis grabbing a coffee. The first of the stories claimed that Louis “rocked his signature indie-rocker look” as he grabbed a coffee in Los Angeles. The second story reports that Louis grabbed a coffee whilst running errands in Malibu. It seems that even the fact that Tomlinson wore a T-shirt is newsworthy.

It’s not like Louis grabbing a coffee is an unusual event because the Daily Mail has run at least five similar stories since January. Not to be outdone, the Sun also seems to think that it too can grab a scoop by reporting on Tomlinson’s coffee habit. The tabloid recently claimed that Louis had “grabbed a coffee break after a sleepless night” with baby son Freddie Tomlinson.

It seems almost beyond belief that major newspaper outlets have resorted to reporting on Tomlinson in this way. Surely Louis’ coffee drinking habits are of absolutely no interest to anyone? Could it be the case that the newspapers have bought paparazzi photographs of Tomlinson and have to find a way of publishing those photographs? Perhaps the journalist involved are so out of touch with pop culture that they believe any story about Tomlinson or One Direction, no matter how dull, will shift copy.

If that is the case then they have seriously misjudged the situation. The fact is that One Direction fans are a global network and something of a social media phenomenon. Any snippet of news about Louis or any new photograph flies around the globe in a matter of seconds. Tomlinson’s fans are way ahead of the print media when it comes to sharing information. Those same fans are hungry for real news but they will not be bought off by a cheap headline about Tomlinson or any member of One Direction.

Tomlinson has at least provided fans with a little bit of news when he shared a picture of him holding a baby’s hand and captioned it with the message “Happy Father’s Day to every lucky lad out there who’s someone’s daddy! Thoroughly enjoyed my first. Love you Freddie son X.”

Are you a Louis Tomlinson fan? If so let us know what you think about the way he is currently being reported in the media.

[Photo by John Davisson/Invision/AP Images]