‘Single Dad Seeking’ Update: Mike McGill Shares Update On Relationship With Valene

Tonight on the big series finale of Single Dad Seeking, everyone got to see if couples were able to make it work or not. Only two couples decided to keep trying to make their relationship work after Single Dad Seeking was done filming. Now Mike McGill is giving an update to fans on his Facebook page on how things are with Valene now that the show is over. Everyone couldn’t wait to hear if this single dad found love or not.


At the end of the season of Single Dad Seeking, everyone saw Mike and Valene decided to try to make it work. They told each other that they loved each other. Valene even decided to move and live with single dad Mike in Florida. This was the only couple from Single Dad Seeking that actually made plans to try and live together. It looked like this single dad had finally found his match. There was no reason to think that they would call it quits, but things didn’t turn out as planned for the couple. Here is what single dad Mike had to say about it all.

“Valene was absolutely amazing to Mikey and i2. You guys didnt get to see that side of her, but she really was such a amazing person to us. Sadly, we didnt work out, but she is someone I thank for coming into our lives. She will find happiness, just like we will. I wish her nothing but the best on life. Thank you everyone for watch SDS and Mikey and I love you all!!”

Fans seem a bit shocked that things didn’t work out for this single dad, but they all seem very supportive of him when responding to him. There are also a lot of women that are now crushing on Mike and want to have their chance to date him. It doesn’t look like this single dad will be on his own for long if the women commenting have anything to say about it. Maybe they can talk Mike into doing another season of Single Dad Seeking.

Zap 2 It shared when Single Dad Seeking started that Mikey said he could end up getting a stepmom when this was all over. That didn’t work out for him, but as fans know, his mom is still in his life and was seen on the show. At the time, Mikey shared that he thought that a girlfriend might make his dad happy. Valene did make Mike happy, but sadly it didn’t work out for them in the end. No word from Valene on her side of the story, but Mike was classy when he talked about it.

This is the only update out there from Single Dad Seeking so far. At the every end of Season 1, they did share about how you could apply to be on the show. This made it look like Single Dad Seeking will be back for another season on TLC, but at this time, they haven’t shared any news with fans about next season. There wouldn’t be any reason to be casting new single dads if they were not going to have the show around at least one more season. Fans did love this season of Single Dad Seeking.


Are you shocked to hear that Mike McGill wasn’t able to work things out with Valene once the show was over? Did you think that this single dad had found the one? Sound off in the comments section below, and don’t miss new episodes of Single Dad Seeking when it does return to TLC. Hopefully, they will give fans an update on how the other couples are doing at that time.

Update: Paul shared if he is still with Kallie or not.

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