Dwayne Johnson Eats Candy For The First Time In Nearly 27 Years, But What About His Cheat Days?

Dwayne Johnson shared a very interesting fact about himself with Jimmy Fallon during a recent appearance on the Tonight Show.

The Central Intelligence star, who is known for sticking to a strict diet and workout regimen in order to maintain his impressive physique, admitted that he had not eaten candy since 1989.

That’s right! Apparently, the professional wrestler-turned-actor managed to stay away from eating candy for nearly 27 years. When he opened up about the candy-eating hiatus to Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show, Dwayne made it very clear that his decision did not necessarily deal with the boundaries of his strict diet. As many of The Rock’s fans and followers already know, Dwayne is a huge fan of embracing the infamous “Cheat Day” whenever the seemingly rare opportunity to do so presents itself.

“I’m just not a big ‘candy guy.’ You know, I love cheat meals. Right? I love that, but I’m just not like… a candy thing.”

Dwayne further explained that he has never raided a convenience store, like 7-Eleven, anxiously yearning to raid the candy section and load up on those sweet and sugary treats. However, the Furious 7 actor did remember the last piece of candy that he ate over two decades ago as well as where he ate it.

“It’s crazy how I remember this kind of stuff, right? It’s like ‘Rain Main.’ Twizzlers is the last [candy] I had and we were at a movie theater watching a movie.”

Even though Dwayne did not remember the movie that he was watching while eating the Twizzler, it’s still somewhat impressive that he was able to identify the specific type of candy that was consumed. Jimmy Fallon was eager to try and “make a little history” by tempting Dwayne Johnson to eat candy during his Tonight Show appearance – bringing his 27-year hiatus to an end.

The level of temptation was pretty high, especially since Jimmy had a lot more to tempt Dwayne with than just a small pack of Twizzlers, including:

  • Ring Pops
  • Pop Rocks
  • Nerds on a Rope
  • Giant Gummy Worm

Instead of eating the entire pack of Twizzlers – or even attempting to take a bite out of the giant gummy worm – Jimmy Fallon decided to feed Dwayne the pop rocks instead.

Before he swallowed the Pop Rocks, Jimmy put the microphone up to his mouth so that everyone could hear the Pop Rocks “popping” inside of his mouth.

As mentioned, Dwayne Johnson is definitely a lover of the infamous “Cheat Day.” Instead of choosing a particular meal or snack to “cheat” with when those opportunities arise, The Rock is actually known for having “Cheat Days” of epic proportions.

Competitive eater Matt Stonie even tried to follow Dwayne Johnson’s lead for one epic cheat meal in particular, according to Muscle and Fitness. The cheat meal consisted of: 12 pancakes, 4 double dough pizzas, and 21 brownies – a “cheat meal” that Johnson awarded himself with after eating clean for 150 days.

Dwayne Johnson has shared many other cheat meals and cheat day stories with his social media followers in recent years. Therefore, when you hear that he is not known for eating candy or adding candy to those epic cheat meals, it does kind of cause people to raise the “People’s Eyebrow” and wonder what else he has deprived himself of over the years.

[Image Credits: Jason Kempin/Getty Images]