Baby Seal Nearly Strangled By Sexy Red G-String

In New Zealand, a baby seal was nearly strangled to death by a g-string left behind by a couple after a sexy tryst.

The unlucky seal pup ended up with a sexy red g-string around its neck in the seas just off a New Zealand nature point called “Lover’s Leap” on South Island. A concerned onlooker spotted the seal pup, struggling with something wrapped around its neck. The Department of Conservation was called, and the responding team hiked for an hour up a 230-meter cliff in order to reach the helpless seal, finally breaking the poor thing free and saving its life about an hour after reaching it.

Now normally, seals and other animals get entangled in life-threatening objects like plastic bags and fishing nets, so the rescue team was surprised when they found that the seal pup’s life was being threatened by a skimpy red g-string.

With little hope of reuniting the abandoned g-string with its original owner, the Department of Conservation came up with a pointedly “cheeky” solution to the problem: auctioning the skimpy undies off on an online site called Trade Me and donating the proceeds to charity.

The auction brought in a little over $100, which isn’t likely to cover much more than the g-string did, but you can’t blame them for trying.

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