Chefstack Automatic Pancake Machine Makes Really Expensive Pancakes

I didn’t want to cough up $20 to buy a George Foreman waffle maker, so I don’t think I’ll be coughing up $3500 to buy an automatic pancake maker anytime either. Then again I don’t like pancakes.

The Chefstack Automatic Pancake Machine features 4 inch pancakes that can be made in just 30 seconds using no-mess pancake batter pouches which are also purchased, no surprise here, through the company. Taking the machine one lazy step further, it offers a stackable exit point for your pancakes.

The actual machine is nearly the size of a standard microwave and has been popular in smaller coffee shops, convenience stores and cafeterias, however at $3500 it’s still out of reach for most middle income families. [thanks Coolest-Gadgets]