Jessa Seewald Shares 101 Reasons She Is Thankful Jim Bob Duggar Is Her Father

Jim Bob Duggar is receiving the royal treatment this Father’s Day with Michelle Duggar posting photos of a kitchen full of pumpkin pies made to celebrate the patriarch’s big day. However, a special tribute written by Duggar daughter Jessa Seewald is likely the highlight of Jim Bob’s day, as the most recently wed Duggar shares 101 reasons why she is thankful for her father’s guidance over the years.

Jessa Seewald took to her blog to outline all of the reasons that Jim Bob was a great father. In the blog post, Jessa gave 101 reasons she is thankful for Jim Bob with many of them centering on the family’s faith. From praying for each of his 19 children by name to years of room, food and board, Jessa says that there are the things that Jim Bob has personally blessed her with over the years. Before outlining her list, Jessa notes that God is the ultimately giver “but for these things specifically, you have been God’s channel of blessing to me!”

“I realize that God is the ultimate giver of every good gift (James 1:17), but for these things specifically, you have been God’s channel of blessing to me! It’s not in any certain order, and this is in no way a conclusive list of everything I love about you… but I just started writing…and kept writing, and writing… and by the time I finished and decided to count. It literally just so happened to come out to 101! So here it is!”

Many of the things that Jessa recalls are regarding her father’s faith and instilling of the same values in his children. However, she also includes some more interesting (and comical) items in the list as well. Here are some of the things that Jessa says she is thankful for, regarding growing up with Jim Bob Duggar as a father.

  • “for inventing your Gourmet Barbecued Tuna recipe, and feeding us cold butterbeans with ketchup while Mom was away at a women’s conference (first was a big hit, but just the thought of the latter still makes me gag);”
  • “for teaching me how to roll my socks into a donut and fire them at my brothers and sisters (lol! Then Mom would have us all come to the laundry room for a sock unwading party before she could throw them in the wash!);”
  • “for making 7 trips from the car to the house carrying in ‘sleeping’ children after a long road trip (even though you knew half of us were probably just pretending, so we didn’t have to get up and walk in on our own two feet!);”
  • “for the special exception to the ‘no climbing on the dining room table’ rule, because you always let the birthday kid sit in that very prominent place when it was time to open gifts”

Jessa Seewald wasn’t the only one to pay tribute to Jim Bob this father’s day. Michelle Duggar dedicated a blog post to Jim Bob, noting that she is honored to be his wife. Michelle calls Jim Bob a “servant leader” in their family, and details that his gentle faith has been inspiring. She goes on to outline some of her most prized memories of Jim Bob as a father, including “challenging” late nights with newborns, changing diapers a,nd for giving up relaxation time to spend time with his large family.

“Many times I remember you coming home after an exhausting day of work, we would enjoy dinner together and then you would say, “Honey would you & the kids like to go for a drive?” I knew you would have much rather stayed at home with us and relaxed but you knew it would be fun for me and the children to do something ‘special’ with you. As we drove along and enjoyed the beautiful Ozark mountain views we would sing or quote scripture together.”

What do you think of Jim Bob Duggar’s Father’s Day tribute?

[Image via Facebook/Duggar Family Official]