Brittney Griner Not Having A Great Father’s Day — WNBA Star Trolled About Glory Johnson’s Twins

Right now, it’s pretty safe to say that no one is having a more aggravating Father’s Day than Brittney Griner. The WNBA star was made to pay child support for her ex-wife, Glory Johnson’s, twins in what is one of the messiest same-sex marriages since they were made legal. Now Brittney is being trolled on Twitter about her role as the “father” of Glory Johnson’s children, and she isn’t staying quiet about it either.

After several fans wished Brittney Griner a happy Father’s Day, the Phoenix Mercury star responded and she isn’t a happy camper.

“Every [sic] plz chill with the Happy FD s**t! Tell your own dads cuz I’m not one,” Brittney tweeted after receiving hundreds of messages.

(Photo) Somebody Call Maury Brittney Griner Is Not The Daddy!! – #IFWT

— Funk Flex!!!!! (@funkflex) June 19, 2016

Now anyone who has been trolled on Twitter knows that responding will only feed the beast and that is exactly what Griner did. When she’d probably prefer to forget about the nightmare ending of her marriage to Glory Johnson, her haters have ramped up the Father’s Day attack, according to Hip Hop Wired. One of the most offensive posts regarding the Griner Twitter trolling was an edited version of her Sports Illustrated Body Issue photo where Brittney Griner is pulling off a Michael Jordan-esque dunk wearing nothing but her birthday suit, and there is a pair of testicles that have been Photoshopped in along with another Happy Father’s Day message directed toward the WNBA star.

For those who may have missed the drama that was Brittney Griner’s marriage to Glory Johnson, here is a brief overview. Brittney and Glory announced that they were engaged in August of 2014. They instantly became a poster couple for the WNBA. In January, 2015, Brittney and Glory appeared on TLC’s Say Yes To The Dress.

On April 22, 2015, both Griner and Johnson were arrested for domestic violence. At this point, the happy couple facade was busted and fans spent a lot of time trying to figure out what might cause a violent fight between the WNBA sweethearts. They didn’t separate, though, and plans for a wedding were not canceled.

Just weeks after their arrests, Brittney Griner and Glory Johnson were married. Pictures of the intimate ceremony were posted on social media and the couple made headlines for their high-profile, same-sex marriage. News of their recent domestic trouble was long from forgotten and their marriage drama was about to get even weirder.

A week after the Johnson-Griner wedding, the WNBA announced that both women would be suspended without pay for seven regular season games. Even though Griner pled guilted and Johnson pled not guilty, the WNBA penalized both women for their part in the altercation that landed the pro ball players in jail.

Now here is where it really gets weird. Less than one month after their wedding, Glory Johnson announced that she was pregnant on Instagram Apparently that came as a huge shock to her wife, Brittney Griner, who later said that she was surprised by Johnson’s post and that it was way too early to be making announcements like that. The day after the pregnancy announcement, Griner filed paperwork to have her short marriage to Johnson annulled.

Here is where it gets hazy. While there are reports that Griner and Johnson were exploring in vitro fertilization in order to get Glory pregnant and make a family together, there are also rumors that Glory went rogue. Us Magazine reported that Glory was upset with Brittney over allegations that she cheated prior to her marriage with an ex-boyfriend. If that is how Glory ended up pregnant, it’s understandable that Brittney would want to walk out on the relationship. It’s not too far-fetched either because Glory Johnson insists she never was gay. Despite her relatively long relationship with Brittney Griner, Glory always maintained that she never was attracted to women, but that she fell in love with her short-lived wife.

In recent months, the former couple has stayed in the headlines when a judge ruled that Glory Johnson was not entitled to spousal support, but that Brittney Griner did indeed need to pay child support for Glory’s twin daughters. That is where the Twitter trolls come in as they continue to bother Brittney about her role as the “father” to Johnson’s babies.

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