Weekend Box Office: ‘Finding Dory’ Swims To Huge Numbers And Broken Records

Adults and children headed out to the theater in droves this weekend and the box office showed impressive numbers overall. Disney-Pixar’s Finding Dory took the crown with more than $136 million and the largest opening weekend ever for an animated film. It was expected to do well, but perhaps not this well and it’s showing that the lovable little blue tang voiced by Ellen Degeneres is adored the world over.

Box Office Mojo revealed that Finding Dory opened to $136.18 million at the domestic box office and another $50 million worldwide as it opened in 32 percent of the marketplace. It was the biggest Pixar weekend in China with $17.5 million and biggest Disney-Pixar debut in Australia with $7.6 million.

Next week, it will open in France and Spain which is only to make its box office numbers soar even more. It is the second largest June opening ever and it only comes in second place to last year’s blockbuster Jurassic World.

There was only one other new release this week and that was the comedy Central Intelligence starring Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart., and it did well with $34.5 million. That is a little bit above the projected $30 million that many thought it would snag at the box office, and that’s a good sign for New Line.

weekend box office finding dory records animated central intelligence poster [Image via New Line]New Line partnered with Warner Bros. and Universal for the comedy-action movie and it had a budget of $50 million which it has almost made up in its opening weekend. It has not opened in a lot of international markets but did bring in another $6.8 million worldwide for a cumulative total of $41.3 million.

The biggest drop this weekend is Legendary and Universal’s video game epic, Warcraft, which fell a whopping 73 percent from Week 1 to Week 2. Its domestic total is a mere $37.7 million in 10 days, and that is very disappointing for the $160 million budget it was saddled with, but there is hope.

Warcraft was expected to do better around the world, and that’s exactly what it is doing, as it has a worldwide box office total of $377.6 million. Universal has to be happy with that, but they kind of hoped it would at least do a tad better in the States.

Coming in third place was The Conjuring 2, which was last week’s box office winner, and it took in $15.6 million this week. In less than 10 days, it is already more than halfway to the domestic box office total of the first film, which finished with $137.4 million.

The estimated weekend box office numbers for the top 10 are:

  1. Finding Dory – $136.18 million
  2. Central Intelligence – $34.5 million
  3. The Conjuring 2 – $15.5 million
  4. Now You See Me 2 – $9.65 million
  5. Warcraft – $6.5 million
  6. X-Men: Apocalypse – $5.21 million
  7. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 – $71.9 million
  8. Me Before You – $4.15 million
  9. Alice Through The Looking Glass – $3.61 million
  10. Captain America: Civil War – $2.29 million

weekend box office finding dory records animated central intelligence civil war captain america [Image via Marvel]Final numbers will be out on Monday.

Yes, Captain America: Civil War is still doing well in theaters as Disney keeps on bringing in more money than anyone could imagine. Throw Zootopia and The Jungle Book‘s successes on top of everything, and Disney is simply destroying anything else that may even get close to the big screen.

So, Alice Through the Looking Glass is faltering and not doing anywhere near what experts thought it would do, but it may not be a total shock. Johnny Depp’s marital issues and other things are not helping matters, but critics didn’t treat the film well, either.

Disney and Pixar knew that Finding Dory was going to be huge, even though it has taken 13 years for the sequel to come after Finding Nemo. Fans have never stopped loving the characters, and the franchise has now only gotten that much bigger. The weekend domestic box office wasn’t bad overall over the last three days with Central Intelligence and The Conjuring 2 doing very well, but Disney is continuing to roll in theater money this year.

[Image via Disney-Pixar]