What’s With Stacey Dash And The Odd Behavior? Ah, She’s Hawking A Book

Suddenly, the outrageous sound bytes and bizarre attention-seeking behavior of Stacey Dash are starting to make sense, because it’s all about selling her book. Stacey Dash seemed to come out of the woodwork saying crazy things, seemingly just to be difficult, but it’s all about her book There Goes My Social Life. Dash has been a lightening rod for ultra conservative statements that support Donald Trump, and diss the LGBTQ community. Dash wants the world to think that she is a victim that is fighting back.

According to the Inquisitr, Stacey Dash also has a connection to reality television, as she shares an ex husband with Landon from Southern Charm, but Dash makes it clear that she was there first. Stacy Dash was married to James Maby, a British “James Bond type,” according to Landon Clements. Dash and Maby had a daughter and divorced before he met Landon Clements, who has made it clear for some reason that she left the marriage with virtually nothing. Landon told Andy Cohen on WWHL that she currently has a good relationship with Maby and Dash.

Entertainment Weekly is reporting that these days, Stacey Dash seems to be stirring up controversy at every turn in support of her book, There Goes My Social Life. Dash is now a Fox News pundit who now espouses ultra conservative views on just about everything. In her book, Dash is opening up about the pain she has kept hidden until now.

“Sometimes my past is extraordinarily heavy. That’s when I scream and cry until I feel like I can breathe again.”

In There Goes My Social Life, Stacy Dash explains that when she was 4-years-old, she was molested for the first time by a family acquaintance. At sixteen, she was offered cocaine, and fell into an “all-consuming” addiction. Dash grew up in a culture of drugs and violence which molded many of her views on social welfare programs today.

“I couldn’t find happiness. It got to a point where I didn’t even want to live anymore. The voice in my head was saying, ‘There’s nothing here for you.’ ”

Stacey Dash, who is a woman of color, has offended many people by saying that BET has to go, and so does welfare and other social programs. Dash believes that people have to stop complaining and do things for themselves.

“When you get stuff for free, you have no self-worth. When you have no self-worth, you become depressed, addicted and either abused or an abuser. This is what perpetuates the cycle of violence in inner cities. We don’t need free stuff. We need opportunities.”

Dash says that she needs to live in honesty particularly for her son Austin, 25 and daughter Lola, 12.

Us Weekly says that in support of her book, Stacey Dash is out on the press trail diving at every sound byte possible to make some hay, including the question of what bathroom transgender people should use. Dash felt the need to weigh in, and give some advice for those transgender people who are out in public, and need to use the facilities. Dash is offended that many states have given transgender people the right to use the bathroom of their choice.

“OK, then go in the bushes. I don’t know what to tell you, but I’m not gonna put my child’s life at risk because you want to change a law. So that you can be comfortable with your beliefs — which means I have to change my beliefs and my rights? No.”

Understandably, the comments that Dash made started a brushfire, but she didn’t stop there, because Dash then shared her negative thoughts on gays and lesbians too, throwing Lady Gaga under the bus in the process for her sympathetic views towards the LGBTQ community.

Stacey Dash wishes that all of us could go back to the days of Mad Men, where men were men and women were women, and it seems everyone knew their place. Ouch.

Do you think all of these outrageous views are really the way Dash feels, or is she exaggerating to promote her book?

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