Bon Jovi Home Burglary May Result In Five-Year Prison Term For Suspect

Bon Jovi’s home burglary back in the spring was one of several Jersey Shore-area break-ins, and the man arrested for the B&Es is now facing the music in a court.

According to the New York Post, the Bon Jovi home burglary was one of several in the Beachwood area of homes over a period of weeks in March and April.

22-year-old Nicholas Tracy was arrested for the string of break-ins, including the Bon Jovi home burglary, and stood accused of the theft of around $300,000 worth of jewelry and other items netted in several thefts.

Prosecutors in the case declined to say exactly what was taken in the Bon Jovi home burglary, but it is believed that jewelry totaling as much as $100,000 was taken during the heist. A local ABC affiliate explains:

“The thefts took place on March 14, April 1 and April 3 of 2011 along the Middletown Township road where Bon Jovi lives. Ten days after the last break-in, Middletown police responded to another report of a burglary in the area and located Tracy inside a residence in the midst of committing the crime, Acting Monmouth County Prosecutor Christopher Gramiccioni said.”

jon bon jovi home burglary

Following his guilty plea in the Bon Jovi home burglary as well as in the string of thefts, Tracy will be sentenced in the case on October 12th. It is expected that he will receive five years in state prison during sentencing, under the terms of a plea deal, when sentenced by Superior Court Judge Ronald Reisner.

Some of the property was recovered, but it was not disclosed whether any of the items taken in the Bon Jovi burglary turned up.