Sushi Donuts Are Making Social Media Users Go Nuts

Trisha Faulkner - Author

Jun. 20 2016, Updated 9:17 a.m. ET

A new food mashup – sushi donuts – have set the foodie world on fire. Sushi donuts are making foodie social media users go nuts. Foodies are preparing their taste buds for the next culinary curve ball that is dominating the social media world since National Donut Day.

If you are thinking this is a sugary, deep fried donut with raw fish on it, think again. The sushi donut is merely sushi in the form of a donut. It all started with National Donut Day when various Instagram users started posting their version of homemade donuts.

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ABC News recently reported that Mairi Rivers of Ginger Vegan on Instagram has created sushi donuts. This donut is made from sushi grade rice that has been cooked, cooled down, and then shaped into the iconic look of a donut. Rivers proceeded to add guacamole, sesame seeds, tomato, red pepper, and a bit of wasabi as a topping. Her four children told her that they “absolutely loved how they looked,” inspiring her to keep the wheels turning for another flavor combination of coconut rice and mango.

Another food blogger, Sam Murphy, had a similar idea when she crafted her sushi donuts for her blog So Beautifully Raw. Sushi rice cooled and molded in a donut mold that she greased with a coconut oil to help keep the rice intact and then topped with black sesame seeds, ginger, wasabi, avocado, and cashew mayo for a vegan treat. “This is how I used up my sushi leftovers.”

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Somewhere in the culinary world in Toronto is the Instagram user saltnpepperhere. Her blog is self-proclaimed to be “homemade food to nourish and indulge,” and her sushi donut delivers on that promise. While her description was void of any real details surrounding the ingredients, it certainly made for a beautiful plate of culinary artwork.

Even Whole Foods Market jumped in on the craze, showcasing a brown rice roll filled with salmon and avocado that they then topped with spicy tuna, avocado, and wasabi in two separate Instagram posts. In one such post, Wholefoods writes “What’s the #SushiDonut made of, you ask? Do-nut fret. Here’s the inside scoop.” With nearly 20,000 likes between the two photos, it appears the fans agree that the sushi donut is a hit.

All over various mediums of social media, news outlets are exploding over the craze. The Daily Meal celebrated the concept of sushi donuts, “Someone had the common sense to combine sushi and donuts, and the end result was a piece of art.”

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According to Time Magazine, one master sushi chef made the decision to flip and reverse this idea back in February. In a recent video on his YouTube channel, Master Sushi Chef Hiroyuki Terada decided to see if he can take a box of delicious Dunkin’ Donuts and make the donuts look like sushi rolls.

The donuts in the box the chef used varied from a jelly filled donut, a powdered sugar cream filled donut, a chocolate iced donut, a simply glazed chocolate, and a traditional plain donut. Starting with the powdered sugar and the jelly filled, Terada scoops out the jelly onto the plate, then the cream. He starts masterfully slicing each of the various donuts into thin sheets, placing them on the bamboo sushi wrap to shape the donut creation into the familiar look of a sushi roll. Each piece is topped with a combination of the jelly and cream to make a dessert sushi plate that is a sweet tooth’s dream.

What do you think about this new foodie craze? Will you be rushing out to order sushi donuts? Perhaps you will be making your own sushi donuts at home?

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