Justin Bieber: Why His Staff Is Failing Him

Justin Bieber has had a string of accidents lately, which can all be attributed to poor handling on the part of his staff. And if the trend continues, he could get seriously hurt. Unless of course, he takes the necessary precautions now.

The latest accident to happen was falling into a trap door while performing in his latest Purpose concert on June 16, according to Us Weekly. That should not have happened if the stage design of Justin Bieber’s concert has been better planned. From what it looks like, the builders created a very complicated design that looks like an elaborate mouse playground with serious instabilities here and there.

And as Bieber says himself, he’s a cat, not a mouse. So perhaps it’s not a bad idea to check for tensile strength for the major components of the stage fabrication. Better safe than “Sorry.”

Justin Bieber should have someone reexamine the structural integrity of the Purpose stage mechanics and perhaps simplify it a bit. Actually, it is much better to find a way to streamline the overall design and concept without sacrificing its capacity to impress. After all, there is a way to strike a balance between safety and showmanship.

Justin Bieber is a very active and agile performer. Compared to Beyoncé, Justin’s dance moves are more acrobatic in nature. And this is why there has to be more extra protection for the total performer when he struts his stuff. Notice how Selena Gomez has not experienced any serious stage mishaps since the launch of her Revival concert tour on May 6.

The same thing can be said for Celine Dion. It is easy to say that Beyoncé, Selena, and Celine do not have the complicated repertoire compared to Justin, but that will be oversimplifying the argument. Experts at stage management can help ensure that the stage is fine-tuned to the performer’s special attributes and not the other way around. That is, Justin Bieber doesn’t have to adjust to his stage — the stage should be the one to adjust to him.

Maybe, just maybe, Justin has not hired the best people who can make sure that they consider all the factors? According to an Inquisitr story, Justin Bieber said that he was all right after his recent fall. In fact, he was proud that he was actually able to save himself. Well the next time around, he might not be as lucky.

By now, it should be clear to Justin Bieber that he is not running a fly by night operation. After all, he is a full-fledged superstar whose net worth is over $200 million.

Yet another case in point was the infamous and brief boxing match he had with a very tall fan who apparently asked the “Sorry” singer for an autograph, according to the Edge. To cut the long story short, Justin Bieber fell to the ground yet emerged unscathed. Justin would later show his baby face on Instagram, saying “Not a scratch.”

Yeah right, let’s just assume that it’s true that he did not sustain a single hit or bruise. But what about the impact of such a mishap internally. Did Justin Bieber even bother to have his physician check?

The problem with stage-performing musicians, especially the ones with acrobatic or martial arts aspirations like Michael Jackson and Prince — these guys tend to ignore the impact of their little physical accidents until it is too late. Let’s hope that Justin Bieber learns from their personal experience or at least pauses for a few seconds to ask himself “where are they now?”

Beliebers not only want a Bieber that lasts. They also want The Biebs to not start feeling some nagging bone or muscle ache before he reaches old age. Of course, with that goes the hope that Justin Bieber isn’t taking any banned or experimental painkillers. So far, there is no evidence whatsoever to the contrary, although the same cannot be said of hockey superstar Sidney Crosby, according to ESPN.

Finally, let’s go back to Justin’s May 25 date with the up and coming star of the Transformers franchise, Nicola Peltz. TMZ detected how parched and sunburned Justin Bieber was — based on paparazzi pictures. So the question is, how does a superstar that earns the big bucks and has the best staff that money can buy not get the TLC that he so richly deserves?

In other words, how does Justin Bieber’s staff not look after the fact that their “ward” is getting constipated or dehydrated? It’s just as simple as offering him water to drink in order to keep him hydrated. Even the most expensive alkaline water, which is excellent at the task of hydration, will cost no more than $4 per bottle. And sunblock lotions are the same thing.

In the light of all the recent mishaps that he is experiencing, it is highly suggested that Justin’s staff revisit the book on the proper care and feeding of a superstar. After all, they are all in this together — that is, Justin and everyone on his staff or payroll. Justin Bieber is their cash cow or even better, their goose that lays the golden egg. To neglect him is simply unacceptable.

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