‘Fixer Upper’ Chip And Joanna Gaines Welcome Four New Members To Their Family

Today reports the Fixer Upper farmhouse has gotten a little more crowded these days. The lovable couple, Chip and Joanna Gaines, from the popular HGTV show reveal two new members of their family on Instagram. Fans of Fixer Upper are no stranger to the big heart of Chip Gaines and his struggles with resisting the urge to bring a new pet home to his family. For this reason, Fixer Upper fans were not at all surprised to learn the couple had welcomed two new cats and two new dogs into their family.

Joanna Gaines first shared the announcement of the new family members on Thursday on Instagram when she introduced Hunter and Casey to Fixer Upper fans. Many of the Fixer Upper followers on Instagram claimed the two Redbone Coonhound puppies looked a lot like the dogs from Where The Red Fern Grows.


“Meet Casey and Hunter! Chip surprised us yesterday w this cute little duo. I may let them take over my Instagram today… They are just too cute,” Joanna Gaines captioned the first picture of her puppies.

One Instagram user praised Chip for being so romantic and wished their significant other would bring them home puppies too. “[W]hy dont you bring home puppies every few months like chip does for jo?”

A second Instagram user agrees the puppies are adorable, but questions how the couple is able to keep them from running off. “They are sooooo adorable!!! But how do you keep them from escaping the farm?”

Sometime later Joanna Gaines took to Instagram again to share another picture of the two puppies with her Fixer Upper followers. She claimed that she forgot to mention Chip had also brought two new black kittens home at the same time he brought the puppies home.


“Oh… I forgot to mention there are also two new kittens!” Joanna Gaines captioned the second picture of the puppies with two kittens in the trees in the background.

This seems to be a recurring theme in the Gaines’ home, as the whole family has a soft spot for animals especially those in need of a home or just some tender loving care.

One Instagram user poked fun at the fact that Chip brings home so many animals. “Are you sure he doesn’t have an ark somewhere? lol!!”

No one really knows exactly how many animals the Fixer Upper couple has on their 40-acre farm. However, Country Living reported it to be around 60 last year. With chickens, cows, goats, cats, and dogs, the Fixer Upper family farm is more or less an animal sanctuary. Today went on to report that this wasn’t how Joanna pictured her life was going to go.

“If you would have asked me a year ago if we would have cows, goats, a stray cat with a broken leg and some gimpy guineas on the land, I would have said you were crazy,” she once revealed on her blog to Fixer Upper fans. “Mainly because I don’t have a clue what to do with any of them.”

Joanna is constantly mentioning to Fixer Upper viewers how chaotic their home can be with all of the animals Chip constantly brings home. However, this does not seem to stop Chip from his determination to continue to expand the Fixer Upper family.


Fans can rejoice knowing that with the opening of the Magnolia Market and the Magnolia House, they can experience part of Chip and Joanna’s world. With plenty of places to shop, eat and stay, Chip and Jo have taken their passion for remodeling, animals, and each other to build an empire. While many celebrities take their newfound fame and use it purely for personal gain, this couple spreads a message of love that the world can learn from.

Would you be happy if your spouse kept bringing you home puppies and kittens like Chip does for Joanna?

[Images via Instagram/Joanna Stevens Gaines]