UFO Hunters Claim To Have Spotted ‘Giant Alien Worm’ Burrowing Through Martian Soil In NASA’s Curiosity Rover Photo [Video]

UFO and alien hunters have added a new life form to their growing Mars menagerie — a live “giant worm” burrowing through Mars soil.

Online Mars anomaly researchers typically report discoveries of remains of ancient life forms on Mars, but this time around, they say a live animal was found on Mars — a “giant worm” moving on the planet’s surface.

The Mars worm appears to be a lone survivor of the nuclear holocaust that Mars anomaly hunters claim wiped out all life on the Red Planet millions of years ago.

In a new documentary uploaded to YouTube on June 18, 2019, titled, “Planet Mars Has Something Moving Under It’s Surface,” the notorious YouTube alien and UFO hunter Secureteam10 announced discovery of a living worm-like life form moving under the Martian surface.

While NASA scientists continue to search the Martian surface in the hope of discovery of signs of microbial life forms, Secureteam10 casually announces evidence of the existence of a “long cylindrical creature” burrowing into Martian soil.

“Evidence” backing the bizarre claim, according to Secureteam10, comes from separate images of the same spot on the Martian surface taken at different times by NASA’s Mars Curiosity rover.

According to Secureteam10 narrator Tyler Glockner, the first image shows a patch of Martian soil devoid of life or movement, but a second image of the same spot on the Martian surface, taken some time later, shows “something” moving under the surface of the soil.

It looks like a “long cylindrical creature,” or a “giant worm” burrowing through Mars soil, according to Glockner.

“You are looking at the dirt here on the Martian surface there’s nothing there,” the alien hunter says, “and in the very next image we see this worm-looking object moving through the dirt… This thing is wiggling up through the dirt whatever it is.”

The images, according to Glockner, prove there is more to Mars than NASA admits. He claims that Mars used to teem with diverse life forms, just like Earth, and hosted a bustling civilization built by humanoid alien races. But the planet was devastated by a nuclear holocaust that wiped out life from its surface millions of years ago.

Glockner’s Mars nuclear holocaust theory echoes claims contained in a research paper presented by Dr. John Brandenburg at the 2014 Annual Fall meeting of the American Physical Society, Prairie Section in Monmouth, Illinois.


Brandenburg also presented his theory in March 2015 at the 46th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference in Houston, Texas.

According to Brandenburg, physical evidence shows that Mars civilization was wiped out millions of years ago by a series of thermonuclear explosions triggered by hostile alien races.

Glockner claims that additional evidence in support of Brandenburg’s astonishing claims comes from the extensive scarring of the Martian surface, which he attributes to “high energy weapons.”

NASA scientists are not telling the truth about what they know of the history of Mars and present conditions on the planet, Glockner alleges.

He insists that Mars is teeming with life and bustling with activity. The planet’s surface is littered with remains of diverse life forms, remains of massive ancient structures, and artifacts that prove the planet once hosted advanced cultures and civilizations.

Mars researchers have also discovered evidence of UFOs on Mars, Glockner continues. Some of the UFOs were abandoned on the Martian surface thousands or millions of years ago.

UFO hunters have also spotted UFOs flying in Martian skies, proving that aliens are still living on the planet. Evidence that aliens are living on Mars comes from the observation that the surface of the planet has many hidden entrances to underground bases, according to Glockner.

But while conspiracy theorists claim there are aliens living in secret underground bases on Mars, it remains uncertain why the alleged Mars aliens prefer to be sneaky about their presence on the planet.

“Mars is not some dead radiation covered planet that NASA would have us believe,” Glockner explains. “There are structures on Mars, crafts on Mars. There are buildings, there are statues, there are monoliths, there are domes, and there are glass tube-like structures underground with objects moving through them.”

Glockner’s extraordinary claims sparked a debate between believers and unbelievers.

“All this evidence and there [are] people that don’t believe because they are scared of the truth,” a believer lamented dolefully.


“We are not alone,” declared another believer who was deeply impressed by the “evidence” presented in the video.

Some viewers announced discovery of other evidence of life in the images that Glockner missed.

“At the time stamp 7:38, the image shows a spinal column,” a viewer announced.

And in case anyone doubted his judgment, he declared, “I’m an expert in spinal anatomy. The image clearly shows all the neural and spinal canals…”

But unbelievers dismissed Glockner’s claims, saying that his assertions were not based on objective evidence.

One viewer explained that what Secureteam10 mistook for a worm was actually Mars Curiosity rover drilling for samples on the Martian surface.

“It looks like drill samples to me,” the viewer wrote, “not a worm-like creature but multiple holes.”

The viewer went on to explain that the NASA rover usually takes “before” and “after” pictures of the spots where samples are taken.

“They usually take before and after pics of the areas where they take samples to document the event,” the viewer wrote.

But some critics of the Secureteam10 YouTube channel were brutally frank about expressing their opinion of the channel.

“Your personal theories that you insert in the videos sound like something out of a sci-fi novel written by a group of crackheads,” one critic said.

“Whenever I need a laugh, I come here,” another said shortly.

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