Peru UFOs Reportedly Terrorize And Amaze Residents Of Small Town

According to reports, three UFOs recently visited Peru. They were reportedly seen by virtually the entire town of San Gabriel de Varadero in Loreto, Peru, on May 16 at about 8 p.m. local time, and they were distinct, very visible, and very loud. Inexplicata reports that the Peru UFOs were just above the rooftops of homes in the town, and when they appeared, they terrified and shocked locals who had no clue what they were hearing and seeing.

At least one of the Peru UFOs was described by witnesses as looking like a classic flying saucer, complete with multi-colored flashing lights that looked “like those of a traffic light.” That Peru UFO reportedly made contact with the ground, landing for several minutes, and leaving behind physical signs that it had been there.

Witnesses say that the landing gear of the saucer-like Peru UFO left a triangular marking on the ground where it landed, complete with three indentations. According to reports, local residents who saw the marks left behind by the Peru UFO began screaming for help, with a few even calling the local radio station so that the National Police could be made aware of the situation.

Dr. Anthony Choy, a researcher of UFOs and other paranormal phenomena as well as the host of the Peruvian program Viaje a Otra Dimensión, reportedly recorded the call for help, which came in at about 9 p.m. local time, an hour or so after the first UFOs were reported over the small town in Peru.

In addition to seeing UFOs, witnesses to the recent Peru UFO incident also say that they saw creatures with “non-human characteristics” during the incident.

During the recording, voices of terrified and desperate people, frantic in in the wake of the Peru UFOs, can be heard. According to the radio host, he was in shock regarding what he was hearing, and the incident was called “an unprecedented event in Latin America.”


According to one of the witnesses of the Peru UFOs, Agripina Wanse, the incident began suddenly and without warning as she and her family were about to go to bed. The Peru UFOs announced themselves with bright lights and loud grinding noises.

“Just as we were about to go to sleep, we heard a noise descending from above. Within this noise was a sound like that of a blender, something like a motor. [They] even lit up the room in which we were sleeping; some lights were being trained on us. We felt frightened and started to scream.”

Wanse says that the light emitted from the Peru UFOs was similar in color to traffic lights, and that she wasn’t the only one who saw the unbelievable sight. She says that her neighbors came by the house and watched the terrifying event unfold. Herber Canchari watched the Peru UFOs put on their show in the skies barely above the tops of homes in the town.

Reportedly, Canchari was so afraid of what he was seeing overhead that he begin firing at the Peru UFOs with his shotgun, but was unable to inflict any damage.

“The shot I fired wasn’t like firing at a person, who you can see. It was a machine that suddenly moved elsewhere and the shot went astray.”

Eventually, the Peru UFOs vanished as quickly and inexplicably as they’d appeared, according to locals. However, the peace would only be temporary. The next night, once again at 8 p.m. local time, another loud, bright UFO was seen in the same area. That UFO reportedly came to rest over the house of Donilda Lomas, who ran to the street to watch the unfolding horror from a safer vantage point.

It was from her perspective on the roadway that she reportedly saw a “luminous humanoid” creature descend from the craft. According to the witness of the Peru UFO event, it was about 5-and-a-half feet tall, and it never touched the ground.

“The luminous being did not touch the ground when it reached it – it was floating.”

Not surprisingly, the case of the Peru UFOs has garnered worldwide attention, both due to the widespread witnesses of the even, the fact that the last time Peru had a UFO event of this magnitude was in the 1960’s.

Could it be a sign of more Peru UFOs to come?

Possibly. Only two days later, similar events took place in El Dorado, Bolivia. In that case, the UFO was sphere-shaped and reportedly came from the sky in flames. The witnesses in that event were children on their way home from school, so some find it easy to dismiss their claim. However, the children say they saw a humanoid creature exit the UFO, which reportedly landed near a tree, and their claims were taken seriously enough to be investigated by a scientist specializing in UFOs.

Researcher Rolando Fabricio reportedly checked out the site of the sighting, and what he found seemed to substantiate the kids’ claims. He said that electrical anomalies were present in the area. Interestingly, locals had reported an inability to contact authorities at the time of the event because their electrical devices had died.

What do you think? Do you believe in UFOs? Do you think the recent eyewitness accounts of the Peru UFOs are credible?

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