Hillary Clinton Multiplies Support, But Will Future Exposed Emails Bring Her Down?

Hillary Clinton is certainly in a better position than she was one month ago. Not only has she gained all the delegates needed for the Democrat nomination, but she has gained some key supporters. According to Entertainment Tonight, Oprah Winfrey is one of them.

“Oprah Winfrey is throwing her support behind Hillary Clinton. Winfrey spoke with ET’s Nancy O’Dell at the premiere of her new OWN drama, Greenleaf, and the media mogul opened up about the possibility of America electing its first female president.”

“I really believe that is going to happen. It’s about time that we make that decision. Regardless of your politics, it’s a seminal moment for women. What this says is, there is no ceiling, that ceiling just went boom! It says anything is possible when you can be leader of the free world,” Oprah told Entertainment Tonight.

However, this has angered a lot of (former?) Oprah fans on Twitter.

So far, Hillary Clinton has survived her email scandal. According to Reuters, Trump is still trailing behind Clinton in the polls.

“The poll, conducted from Monday to Friday, showed Clinton, the presumptive Democratic nominee, with a 10.7 point lead among likely voters over Trump, her likely Republican rival in the November presidential election. That’s down from a lead of 14.3 points for Clinton on Sunday, the day an American-born shooter who declared allegiance to militant group Islamic State killed 49 people at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida.”

Hillary Clinton Emails
Hillary Clinton isn’t safe just yet. [Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images]
However, Hillary Clinton may want to hold off celebrating her lead. Austin Bay from The Observer claims that Vladamir Putin can blackmail Clinton with some embarrassing emails.

“RUMINT (Rumor Intelligence) is rife with reports that Russian intelligence agencies are preparing to release emails ‘hacked’ from Hillary Clinton’s rogue internet email server. Agreed, this sounds a bit like a blackmail plot in a 1940s radio detective thriller or a soap opera. Except it isn’t. We live in a world where blood gets spilled,” Bay claims.

If Putin doesn’t come through, perhaps WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange will. Truthdig has the news.

“WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange says his organization’s upcoming leak of more Hillary Clinton emails should be enough to indict her—but doubts the FBI will do so.”

The commenters after the article are almost unanimously against Clinton.

“Hillary is crooked. The question in November is are most Americans?” asks Flash105.

“She’s deservedly being taken down. Every other day a new scandal. She’s not in the WH and we’re already tired of her and the games, lies and deceit,” says Angelo Fulcinetti.

Hillary Clinton Emails
Some think Hillary’s email scandal is overblown. [Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images]
However, Richard Ben-Veniste from USA Today claims that Hillary’s emails are a non-scandal.

“The popular appetite for branding every controversy or disagreement as a scandal — and accepting the notion of ‘equivalency’ as precept of objective journalism — enables partisan mischief-makers to ply their trade. Those interested in truth and fairness will take the time to examine the facts. Or, as Bernie Sanders succinctly put it eight long months ago, ‘Enough of the emails!'” Ben-Veniste claims.

Many people think Hillary’s emails are actually a huge deal and that they are being excused for partisan reasons. Others believe that the fact that Clinton’s emails became national news is a sad state of partisan affairs. Where do you stand on the issue? Do you think Hillary will eventually be indicted? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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