Hillary Clinton Exposed By Hackers? Julian Assange Said WikiLeaks Has Enough Evidence ‘To Proceed To Indictment’ As Guccifer 2.0 Exposes DNC Plot

Hillary Clinton is currently feeling the wrath of hackers. As Secretary of State for the Obama administration, Mrs. Clinton repeatedly defended those implicated as global criminals by WikiLeaks, seeking to prosecute Julian Assange and other hackers instead for their whistle-blowing activities, according to RT. From the safety of the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, Mr. Assange continues to seek justice concerning Clinton’s own alleged crimes.

Julian Assange says WikiLeaks has enough information, largely from Clinton’s own email, to satisfy an indictment of the former first lady. Julian has also collected documents from the DNC hacked by an apparently Russian-speaking hacker, calling himself Guccifer 2.0 according to Snopes. These documents cast significant doubt on the legitimacy of primary results and shed a very unfavorable light on the Democratic Party.

Guccifer 2.0 Hacks the DNC

The Hillary Clinton campaign and the DNC could try to deny the authenticity of documents submitted by Guccifer 2.0 but metadata supports the authenticity of the documents. ARS Technica provides a technical analysis of one document.

“Metadata left inside the file shows it was last edited by someone using the computer name ‘?????? ??????????.’ That means the computer was configured to use the Russian language and that it was connected to a Russian-language keyboard. More intriguing still, ‘?????? ??????????’ is the colloquial name that translates to Felix Dzerzhinsky,”

Felix Dzerzhinsky was the founder of the Soviet Secret Police. The username in this computer is obviously a handle honoring the Russian Statesman. Could this be another alias for Guccifer 2.0? It appears this user only modified the document by converting it to a PDF.

“The metadata also shows that the purported DNC strategy memo was originally created by someone named Warren Flood, which happens to be the name of a LinkedIn user claiming to provide strategy and data analytics services to Democratic candidates.”

Hillary Clinton by Bill Pugliano c
Hillary Clinton [Photo by Bill Pugliano/Getty Images]
Hillary Clinton was the obvious choice of the Democratic Party even in May. She is referred to by her initials in a document dated May 2015. The document seems to make it clear they had selected HRC as their candidate even then. They apparently planned to neither promote nor support any other Democrat candidates. It was always about using media and manipulating the Republican field to make HRC look good. Snopes displays the document accessed through a WordPress page set up by Guccifer 2.0.

“Our Goals in the coming months will be to frame the Republican field and the eventual nominee early and to provide a contrast between the GOP field and HRC. Over the long-term, these efforts will be aimed at getting us the best match-up in the general election, and weakening the eventual nominee through the course of the primary.”

Hillary Clinton appears to be the DNC choice, long before the primaries and outlined below were strategies to undermine the GOP candidates. The first strategy listed was reporter outreach. The suggestion was to “prep” reporters before they interview GOP candidates according to the Document shown on Snopes.

“We should use background briefings, prep with reporters for interviews with GOP candidates, off-the-record conversations and oppo pitches to help pitch stories with no fingerprints and utilize reporters to drive a message.”

Guccifer 2.0, after a successful hack of the DNC, is revealing dirty tricks and obvious HRC favoritism from the beginning of this primary cycle. The hacked documents prove the DNC stacked the deck for Hillary from the beginning.

Hillary Clinton would be put forth as the hopeful by a biased media. That’s no surprise to Sanders supporters, but what is more shocking is the list of GOP candidates and methods to discredit them. The list includes Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, Scott Walker, Rand Paul, and Chris Christie. There was no mention at all of Donald Trump or Ted Cruz in that document. The two leaders in the Republican Primaries were to be dealt with later apparently. Were these candidates chosen not by the Republican Primary but rather by media manipulation dictated by the DNC? Is Donald Trump the Republican Nominee because the DNC estimated he would be easiest for Hillary to beat?

Another Guccifer 2.0 document dated December 19, 2015, describes the method to take down Donald Trump. While the contents of that document are insulting to Mr. Trump, they are just Clinton’s usual talking points. The point is the date. Was the plan to get rid of other candidates starting in May, then prepare to start attacking Trump and Cruz in early 2016?

Julian Assange Talks On British TV About Hillary’s Potential Indictment


Hillary Clinton is being exposed by Julian Assange. Founder of Wikileaks. He says he has a busy year ahead of him as he plans to continually leak information on Clinton’s allegedly illegal activities. The Blaze reports on the contents of the video interview with Mr. Assange above originally broadcast on ITV of British Television.

“We have published 32,000 of them and some analysis. We have upcoming leaks in relation to Clinton which are pending publication.”

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange [Photo by Chris Ratcliffe/Getty Images]
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange [Photo by Chris Ratcliffe/Getty Images]
Julian Assange explains to ITV just two of the issues in Mrs. Clinton’s email, that could result in her indictment.

“Hillary Clinton is instructing her staff to remove the classified header of a classified document and send it by nonclassified fax. She instructed her staff to violate those classification procedures.”

Julian Assange seems to be indicating hypocrisy in her persecution of his whistle-blower stand as damaging to national security, while she is leaking information through an unsecured server, and taking risks with classified information.

“Hillary Clinton has been pushing to prosecute others and so has Barack Obama who violate technically these procedures… Hillary Clinton is receiving constant updates abut my personal situation. She has pushed for the prosecution of Wikileaks.”

“Hillary was overriding the Pentagon’s reluctance to overthrow MuammarGaddafi because they predicted that the post-war outcome would be something like what it is. Which is ISIS taking over the country. It’s Hillary who was the leading champion in office to do that. She has a long history of being a war hawk.”

Hillary Clinton’s decisions in Lybia have resulted in tremendous loss of life, and a serious refugee crisis. Her actions have destabilized a formerly prosperous nation and caused instability in the entire region. In addition, it allowed for the rapid and uncontrollable rise of ISIS and ISIL, who pose a worldwide terrorist threat.

Will Hillary pay for her mistakes? Julian Assange predicts that she will not, because the Department of Justice will not dare indict her.

“Unfortunately, I think what is going to happen is that the FBI is going to go, we have accumulated a lot of material about Hillary Clinton. We could proceed to an indictment but Loretta Lynch is the head of the DOJ in the United States appointed by Obama… Loretta Lynch is the person in charge of our case. she’s not going to indict Hillary Clinton it is not possible that could happen, but the FBI could push for concessions from the new Clinton Government in exchange for its lack of indictment but there is very strong material both in the emails and in relation to the Clinton Foundation.”

Hillary Clinton has committed crimes worthy of indictment according to Julian Assange, but will she be indicted?

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