‘Ghosts Of Shepherdstown’ Review With Spoilers: This Chilling New Series Does Not Disappoint

The mystery that seems to surround the hauntings in Ghosts of Shepherdstown immediately draws viewers in and doesn’t let go until the final credits roll. The first Ghosts of Shepherdstown episode, titled “Welcome to America’s Most Haunted Town,” introduced viewers to paranormal experts Nick Groff, Elizabeth Saint, and Bill Hartley. Together, the team must use not only their paranormal skills, but must put on their detective hats as well in order to figure out what is going on in the small West Virginia town of 1,750 residents.


For their first investigation, the Ghosts of Shepherdstown trio worked to unravel the strange occurrences at the local bakery, where a frightened night-shift baker was having personal experiences involving a ghostly Civil War soldier, and she was also seeing strange objects falling past the windows. They discover that the bakery was once used as a type of hospital during the Civil War, and that amputations were performed in the attic. After finding items in the basement that were used to perform amputations, they conclude that the military doctor who performed these operations was unable to rest. To help him move on, the Ghosts of Shepherdstown team come upon an idea to honor him and his service by enacting a Civil War type of scene where he is recognized as a hero.

Nick Groff is definitely making a name for himself in the paranormal field, and is billed as America’s leading paranormal investigator. Anyone who has followed Groff knows that he was an integral part of the Ghost Adventures series. More recently, he was instrumental in producing Ghost Stalkers with John E.L. Tenney and Chad Lindberg, and appeared in another new riveting series this year called Paranormal Lockdown, with co-host Katrina Weidman.

According to her website, besides being known as a talented actress and model, Elizabeth Saint is also an electrical engineer and developed her own devices, which she aptly named Ghostly Gadgets, to help further her research into the paranormal. As for the paranormal, Elizabeth states that she has always demonstrated a sensitivity toward the supernatural. The manifestations she experienced as a child acted as the catalyst that led her to dedicate her life to trying to explain what is currently unexplainable.

Bill Hartley is the Ghosts of Shepherdstown team’s technical genius, providing everyone with the necessary devices used to document everything from magnetic fields to electronic voice phenomena, or EVPs. Like teammates Groff and Saint, Bill Hartley’s introduction to the paranormal also began during childhood, where he grew up in a house wrought with unusual paranormal activity. As an adult, he became a Civil War re-enactor and founded the Fighting 57th North Carolina, in which he re-enacted as his ancestor 1st Sgt. Jonas Hartsell. His Civil War expertise came in handy during the team’s first investigation for Ghosts of Shepherdstown.

Although not technically a Ghosts of Shepherdstown team member, according to Dana Mitchell’s website Shepherdstown Mysteries Walk, she was featured in every episode as the town’s researcher and historian. She was instrumental in providing essential information that the Ghosts of Shepherdstown team used to recreate each story.


Red Carpet Crash shared that the next Ghosts of Shepherdstown episode titled “Do You Know You’re Dead,” finds the team examining the case of a college student who sees the ghost of a young girl in her dorm. While investigating, they uncover a startling phenomena that occurs right in front of their eyes. In a preview clip on Destination America’s Ghosts of Shepherdstown page, the team tells Dana about what happened and asks her for any information on anything strange that may have occurred on campus, and she tells them about several incidents that occurred over the years.

One in particular is the ghostly girl that is seen all over campus, and she is attributed to taking items from students. When the ghost makes physical contact by holding down the coed and choking her while she’s in bed, the Ghosts of Shepherdstown team enlists the help of a psychic medium in order to hold an emergency spiritual intervention. They hope to find out what secret is causing the ghost girl to become so dangerously agitated, and to help put her spirit to rest.

As the team continues to collect evidence that they are beginning to believe may all be connected, what do you think is happening in the town? Leave your comments, thoughts, and opinions below. Ghosts of Shepherdstown airs on Sunday, June 19, at 10 p.m. ET on Destination America channel.

[Image via Elizabeth Saint/Facebook]