Kody Brown Has His Fifth Wife Already Picked Out, Wives Livid

Mandy Robinson - Author

Jun. 17 2016, Updated 7:45 p.m. ET

Kody Brown is ready to get married again, and sources say he already has his fifth wife picked out. Radar Onlineshared the news about who he wants to marry and how upset his other four wives are about it. According to a new issue of Life & Style, Kody wants to marry Mindy Jessop, a pretty blonde who works as the nanny of his youngest son Solomon. She is at Robyn’s all the time, and Kody is around her because of this and is hoping to add her to the family. She is also Robyn’s step-niece, and that is how she knew her to hire her.

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A source revealed that Robyn Brown said that she “can’t believe he would betray her like that.” She isn’t very happy about it at all. Reportedly the other wives walked out when they heard the news and were very upset. The source said, “The fight over wife number five got so bad, and the four wives were so disgusted by the idea they just left.” A friend of the family went on to say that Kody will do anything that he can to save the show, and he knows a fifth wife would be great for ratings.

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The fact that a few of his daughters are starting to get married does help keep Sister Wives around, but the show all started when Kody was getting married to Robyn Brown. The idea of a fifth wife is something that everyone would want to watch go down for sure.

The source went on to share some of the details of why Kody Brown wants a fifth wife. The source said, “He wants a younger female with a hot little body – which Robyn was at first. Now she believes, ‘Oh maybe I am replaceable. Maybe I have gained some weight.’ She’s refusing to do this anymore because she can’t believe he would betray her like this.”

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It turns out that the other wives felt the same way when Robyn joined the family, so this isn’t shocking to them. Robyn Brown hasn’t had this happen to her yet, so this is all new. The source said, “The problem is when Kody gets tired of you, he’s done. He just kind of moves onto the next thing.” Kody has been married to Robyn for a while now, and they have already had two children together. It might be time to find a new wife now.

The Hollywood Gossip shared that you can see all about it in the new issue ofLife & Style where it shares that none of Kody’s wives can stand each other. This is hard to believe considering on the show, so many of them do get along, even though they have their fair share of problems. It is also being reported that Kody and Robyn had a huge blow-up argument about it. It doesn’t sound like Robyn Brown is okay with the idea of Kody getting another wife.

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The one weird thing is that there is no word out there about if Mindy Jessop is even interested in marrying Kody Brown. She might not be interested in him or want to join this polygamist family, even though she is living there and helping out with Robyn’s son. Only time will tell if this is something that Kody Brown is actually going to end up going through with or not.

Are you shocked to hear that Kody Brown is looking into getting married once again? Do you think that he should get a fifth wife? Sound off in the comments section below, and don’t miss new episodes of Sister Wives on Mondays on ABC.

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