Japan’s Naked Restaurant: No Fat Diners And No Refunds [Video]

Why would you want to eat naked, you ask? Nobody really knows the answer to that question, but the concept of naked restaurants has been quite successful this year, and Japan’s looking to get in on the profitable trend of serving people their dinner in the buff.

As Fox News reports, Japan’s naked restaurant is opening on the heels of London’s Bunyadi, billed as a “back-to-basics” restaurant that also requires diners to get naked. While many might find the idea of getting naked and eating with strangers a bit off-putting, Bunyadi opened early in 2016 and has become famous for its wait-list of literally tens of thousands of people. People who are, apparently, clamoring to get naked with random strangers.

Australia got in on the naked restaurant trend in May, when a Melbourne restaurant hosted a temporary naked dining experience. Fifty people showed up to get naked and dine together, reports Yahoo News.

Now, people will soon be able to hit up Japan’s own naked restaurant, which is expected to open in late July. But not just any people. Only people who meet certain qualifications, can get around an array of exclusions, and are willing to fork up some serious cash will be able to dine in Japan’s naked restaurant.

The soon-to-open naked restaurant in Japan is called The Amrita, and it will soon be adding some class (is that the right word?) to Tokyo. Diners will be nude (except for a pair of unattractive paper undies), and the wait staff will be almost naked — for propriety’s sake (and probably to avoid some health code violations), employees at Japan’s naked restaurant will be clad in G-strings.

The deal with the Amrita, though, is that apparently Japan’s naked restaurant only wants people to let it all hang out if there’s not too much of it to begin with, among other things. If you want to get naked for a bite to eat in Japan, you’re either going to have to do it in your own living room or follow Japan’s naked restaurant’s restrictive rules and regulations – and some of them can’t just be gotten around, even if you drop a few pounds between now and the grand opening.

Here are the rules for Japan’s naked restaurant:

  • No cellphones. This is for obvious reasons; nobody wants their naked restaurant experience recorded by the people at the next table and broadcast on YouTube
  • No “calling out to other customers.” Presumably the folks at Japan’s naked restaurant want their elite customers to be comfortable, so no cat-calls and the like.
  • No touching. It’s a restaurant, not a grope-fest.
  • No tattoos. This is where it starts to get restrictive.
  • No minors and no old people. If you’re under 18 or over 60, you’re not invited to Japan’s naked restaurant.

Most of the above rules and regulations governing Japan’s naked restaurant make some sense, to varying degrees. No kids. No messing up the view with body ink. No making out. But the next rule is the one ruffling some feathers.

In Japan’s new naked restaurant, you’re not wanted if you’re overweight. Before they seat you, you are going to be weighed and measured by the restaurant’s friendly staff. If, for your height and weight, you are more than 30 pounds overweight, you’ll be asked to put your clothes back on and hit the road.

If you’re too fat, the only thing you’re going to get from Japan’s naked restaurant is some weight loss in the wallet area. Because if they have to kick you out, you don’t get your money back — and entrance to Japan’s naked restaurant doesn’t come cheap. Getting a table is going to set you back an “entrance fee” of $131 to $536.

And that’s payable before you get on the scale and not refundable if you don’t pass the weight test.

Japan’s naked restaurant has a few more rules, which you can check out on their website, and their menu’s available here.

For those willing to shell out the cash and svelte enough to get seated, Japan’s naked restaurant features an organic menu and a “Men’s Show’ dance performance on stage featuring only the best of the best American and European male models.”

So, would you be willing to shell out some significant cash and be weighed and measured (provided you’re not too old or young) to check out Japan’s naked restaurant?

[Image by Shutterstock]