Vince Herringbone Jogger: $245 Pants Sell Out As Chicago Wearer Antar Jackson Claims Pizza Place Racism

A curious thing happens when one searches for Vince Herringbone Jogger pants. On Nordstrom’s website, the Vince Herringbone Jogger pants are listed as not available, obviously sold out. On the website of Bloomingdales, the Vince Herringbone Jogger pants are also listed as not available. Even on the Vince website itself, the Vince Herringbone Jogger pants are listed as not available to view.

Apparently, jogger pants are popular clothing items. There are a pair of Vince Mixed Media Wool City Jogger Pants available on the website of Saks Fifth Avenue for $245. The Vince Herringbone Jogger pants are getting even more buzz, because a man named Antar Jackson claimed he was wearing an expensive pair of Vince Herringbone Jogger pants when he was told he wasn’t fancy enough to enter a Chicago pizza place.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Antar was with his wife, Christina Jacobson, when he was shunned for wearing Vince Herringbone Jogger pants that were deemed “too street” for the Chicago pizza place.

The Parlor Pizza Bar in Logan Square is getting an earful on Facebook for reportedly telling Jackson he could not come in for pizza due to his jogger pants. Antar’s jogger pants were wool pants from Vince — a pair of black herringbone trousers that tend to go for a pretty penny.

On Facebook, Antar Squair Blaq Jackson posted his experience on June 13, at 6:25 a.m., and it has gone viral.

“My wife Christina and I have decided to tell our story. This is a story that is way to common in the Chicago dining scene. There are clearly 2 sets of standards for patrons, and it has to end. What we are looking for is a formal and public apology from Parlor Pizza Bar and an end to their dress code policy since they are not able to enforce it consistently amongst all patrons. Please show your support by reading and sharing this post, which is an editorial that I wrote for Jet magazine, and by contacting the restaurant directly to let them know your feelings. Thanks to all my family and friends that have reached out in the past week and shared their support. Your love is what fuels us. ?#?ErodeTheCode? ?#?HateHasNoBusinessHere”

?Jackson’s piece for Jet Magazine, titled “Dining While Black,” explains that he thought the security guard at the pizza place was going to check for his ID — but instead, Jackson was told his pants wouldn’t cut it for the pizza place. When Antar wrote that he looked around and saw other patrons wearing yoga pants and baggy cargo shorts, he got the feeling that the denial for entry to the pizza place had more to do with race than dress.

On Facebook, Kerry Costello wrote that her family was also turned away due to her husband’s pants.

“My family of 4 was turned away too on May 7th because my husband had on workout-looking pants and gym shoes. We frequent this restaurant on an almost weekly basis and were surprised by this when we saw people with short-short frayed cut offs on.”

Antar has turned to the Chicago Commission on Human Relations to file a discrimination complaint.

The pizza place denies discrimination, according to the Chicagoist. The eatery claimed Jackson was wearing sweatpants. They have welcomed Antar back in their statement to the public. It is not known whether Jackson will return to the eatery.

The top photo above shows an example of jogger pants or joggers, but do not represent the pants that Antar was wearing the day he and his wife visited the pizza parlor.

[Photo by Mark Von Holden/Invision for Starz Entertainment, LLC/AP Images]

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