Florida Law Enforcement Officer, Who Was Facing 29 Child Pornography Charges And Child Molestation, Kills Himself Eight Hours After Posting Bail

A Florida law enforcement officer, Sgt. Kreg Costa, 43, of Sunrise, who was facing 29 child pornography charges and child molestation, killed himself just eight hours after posting bail, according to the NY Daily News.

When the law enforcement officer’s co-workers made several complaints about Costa staying in his office after hours with the lights off and his uniform undone, the “department’s Public Corruption Unit detectives requested a computer usage report of Costa’s work-issued laptop from January 1 to March 31,” and what they uncovered was shocking.

Documents stated that the officer was using his work computer to view “hardcore pornography, incest-related and bondage/dominance websites while he was at work.” At one point, he allegedly interacted with a teen girl – whose name has not been released due to legal reasons – via email and Twitter, as well as video to exchange explicit messages.

The teen girl, who goes by the user name “Babygirl,” told police officials that she initially met Costa via Twitter and he told her that he was a 15-year-old boy.

After months of investigation, the Broward Sheriff’s Office sergeant was arrested June 9, “facing 29 counts, which included possessing or viewing a depiction of child sexual conduct and using or allowing a child to engage in sex.” His bond was set at $250,000.

On Wednesday, June 15, Costa was bailed out of jail and according to Broward Sheriff Scott Israel, Costa “went to his house in Sunrise. And he had conversations with his wife. There came a point in time where she left to get some food and check on her children, who were staying at another place.”

While the officer’s wife was away, Local 10 News reported that he called 911 dispatch and stated, “Send Sunrise PD to the side yard.” Before any questions could be asked, the phone line went dead.

When Sunrise police officials arrived at the location, they found Costa on the side yard with a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. Paramedics rushed the law enforcement officer to the Broward Health Medical Center in Ft. Lauderdale, but he was pronounced dead at 11:27 a.m.

Costa left behind two suicide notes, one of them read as follows.

“To SNPD, I am sorry you had to respond to this – very sorry. I have embarrassed and shamed my family and the Sheriff’s office. For that I am also deeply sorry. Most of all, I have embarrassed my family and they are not deserving of this embarrassment. Tell them I love them very much and I am sorry.”

At the end of the suicide note, Costa left his wife Christine’s cell phone number.

Before the Florida officer’s death was announced to the public, social media users were praying that his suicide attempt worked, asking “Is he dead yet?” and writing, “I hope it was a success.”

Although Officer Israel stated that “these charges are deeply disturbing,” he still wanted to check on Costa’s wife and five children, whom he was unable to have contact with after being arrested and charged with child pornography and child molestation.

“Whether I was in an adversarial role or not, it’s my job and my responsibility to check on his wife,” Israel told reporters. “You know, this woman is a victim. She did nothing wrong.”

“I spoke to his wife, and we just prayed for the family, as well as Costa. It’s just a tragedy all the way around.”

Neighbors, who stood outside near the yellow tape as paramedics transported Costa into the ambulance, were stunned to learn that he had shot himself in the head just eight hours after posting bail.

“I was sad for the family. It’s just a tragedy all the way around,” Devin Debroka said.

Another neighbor, Rosanna Ramrattan, stated that “it’s just eerie, and to know that you’re supposed to trust the police.”

Before Broward Sheriff’s Office sergeant Kreg Costa committed suicide just eight hours after posting bail, it was reported that “his salary last year was $146,000 including more than $10,000 in overtime,” which was allegedly spent on his computer watching child pornography and enticing a teen girl via social media to do sex acts.

[Image via Broward County Sheriff]

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