'Reign' Season 3 Finale: Will Bash Die Defending Mary's Scottish Crown? [Spoilers]

The hearts of many Reign fans broke when Torrance Coombs announced that he and his character Bash would be walking away from the show after the Season 3 finale. Considering the way that many other characters have walked away from the show, fans can only assume the worst for their beloved Bash. Namely, will he pass away just like his brother and Mary's husband did?

[Warning: Spoilers may follow if you have not watched up to Season 3, Episode 17 of the series.]

Episode 16 of Season 3 of Reign ended with Elizabeth gearing up to seize the Scottish crown after learning of Mary's demise. In an attempt to stop Elizabeth, Lola sent an anonymous message to Elizabeth after learning from her husband, who was on the boat with Mary, that Mary was still alive and well when he left her to find and rescue Lola.
Elizabeth told Lola she had no way of knowing whether or not the anonymous letter spoke the truth or if it was just John Knox trying to buy more time to dissolve the monarchy in Scotland. It is more likely that Elizabeth had already gotten a taste of the power in her mouth that having both the England and Scotland crown would offer her. She told Lola she didn't want to look weak or indecisive backing down after she had made the decision to seek the Scottish crown.

Will Mary be forced to fight her own cousin to hold on to her Scottish crown? Will Bash help Mary fight for her crown? Will Bash die while fighting for the crown? Reign fans are filled with a plethora of questions as they gear up to watch the Season 3 finale on Monday night.

Fortunately, Reign fans are given a glimmer of hope in a Twitter update where Torrance Coombs reveals that while he and Bash are walking away from the show after the Season 3 finale, it will not be the last time fans see his character in Reign.

Fans can only hope that his statement means that his character will not be killed off in the Season 3 finale to ease the ability to transition him back into the show at a later time. It is, however, also possible for this statement to mean nothing more than his character may appear in flashbacks at some time later in the show.

Fashion & Style speculates that perhaps Bash will be gravely injured during his fight for Mary's crown and be sent back to France at the end of the Season 3 finale of Reign to recover from his injuries. How Bash would return to France and not get any more time on screen is questionable as Season 3 has been split between following Mary in Scotland, Katherine and her son Charles in France, and Elizabeth and Lola in England.

In addition to worrying about Bash, Reign fans also have to worry about the fate of the entire show. As Season 3 comes to a close, Season 4 has yet to be confirmed. The Inquisitr reports Reign would be the only show on the CW network other than Supernatural to come back from the "death slot," which is the name coined to being aired on Friday nights.

When Reign came back after a break for several months for Episode 11 of Season 3, the network made the decision to switch airing Reign from Friday to Monday. The question is whether or not this was enough to turn the ratings around and save the show, as things had previously been up in the air regarding whether or not Reign was making the CW enough money to continue past the finale of Season 3.

Does it make you sad to know Bash is walking away from Reign after the Season 3 finale? Do you think the Season 3 finale is the end of the series, or will there be a Season 4?

Don't miss the Season 3 finale of Reign which will air on Monday night at 8 P.M. ET on the CW.

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