2 Toddlers Found Wandering Street With Drug Paraphernalia In Gilmanton, New Hampshire – Charges Pending Against Mother

Two toddlers are safe today thanks to the actions of a passerby on a lonely street in Gilmanton, New Hampshire near Sawyer Lake on Wednesday morning. The two children were found wandering alone on the street, one of them was not wearing any clothes while the other was carrying around drug paraphernalia – a glass drug pipe and a lighter to match.

The two toddlers on the street have not been officially identified by the authorities, but they have advised that the children were 2 and 3 years of age. The Gilmanton Police said that the little girls were carried in to the police station by a Good Samaritan just a little after 10 a.m. on Wednesday. One of the two toddlers had been wandering on the street in only a diaper while the other had on a thin dress over their diaper, both of them were wearing shoes though. However, one of the more shocking aspects of the case was the drug paraphernalia that one of the toddlers was carrying – a glass pipe and a lighter.

After the passerby reported that the toddlers had been found walking alone on the street, the officers attempted to learn the identities of the two girls. Seattle PI reported that while they were able to relay their first names, the toddlers could not tell the officers their last names, nor where exactly they lived. Investigations by the police later revealed that the home of the two girls was on Mallard Avenue, almost a mile away, and it seems that they had been walking that entire journey.

The police visited the house where the two toddlers lived and found that their mother had been home sleeping since they had left and was unaware that they had been wandering alone on the street. Both of the two toddlers were removed from the home and placed within the custody of their biological father, who does not live in the same state. The father immediately drove into town to collect his children when notified.

The mother of the children has not been identified. The police have indicated that an investigation will be conducted regarding the circumstances which led to the children being alone on the street. Fortunately, neither of the children were harmed.

According to WCVB, when the Good Samaritan first encountered the two toddlers wandering alone on the street, the Massachusetts woman came to a stop and began to question them.

“I stopped my car and rolled down my window, and I asked them, ‘Which way are you going? What are you looking for?’ And they said they are looking for mommy.”

The woman gave her name as Jean, but did not wish to be identified further and said that she owned a home in Gilmanton and spotted the children by coincidence when she was driving by. Jean said she was “mortified” to see them there was immediately concerned about their safety. Once she had the two toddlers in her car, she noticed the 3-year-old holding something and realized it was drug paraphernalia. Jean took both the glass pipe and the lighter from the child before carrying them to the police station.

Local parents have expressed outrage at the carelessness that led to the toddlers being alone on the street so far from home, calling it “sickening.” Sergeant Brennan, with the Gilmanton Police stated that it was extremely lucky that they were found when they were. A small beach is reportedly less than an eighth of a mile from where the toddlers were found wandering and the possibility that they could have ended up there is more frightening for some than the glass pipe and lighter.

Police have stated that without a doubt the drug paraphernalia came from the home where the children had been living. Charges against the mother are currently pending.

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