Taylor Swift Dumped Calvin Harris By Phone Before Moving On With Tom Hiddleston

Taylor Swift is the one who actually dumped Calvin Harris and not the other way around, according to a new report. Mirror contradicts what has long been considered a well-known fact about the Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris breakup on June 1. The source claims that Taylor had to abruptly call Calvin in order to call it quits between them and then move on with Tom Hiddleston.

Apparently, things have progressed pretty quickly between Swift and the The Avengers actor, who is popularly known for his portrayal of Loki, Thor's brother. In an effort to avoid cheating on the relationship, Taylor reportedly deemed it better to break off from her boyfriend of 15 months before jumping into the fire, so to speak.

The critical time element in this new information will explain why within a span of only two weeks, after Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris split, salacious pictures of Taylor and Tom Hiddleston would surface on the Web confirming that they are an item. The Mirror quoted an unidentified person close to Swift as being privy to the quick development of the "Love Story" singer's love affair with "Loki."

And so rather than be dissed for cheating, Taylor Swift would phone in her breakup intention with Calvin Harris before making any moves toward movie actor Tom Hiddleston. Here is what the source says verbatim.

"Yes, it was obvious he [Calvin Harris] had cooled on the relationship and he definitely didn't want to look towards settling down like Taylor did. But she ended up calling up Calvin and ending things abruptly. His friends suspect this was because she wanted to immediately move on with Tom."
If indeed, Taylor Swift canceled her relationship with Calvin Harris by phone, this will explain a phenomenon that has remained inexplicable until now. This was Harris' Instagram post on May 30 displaying his washboard abs in a public manner. It looked as if the dance artist was advertising himself on social media as a single man and all too quickly — before the breakup was even formally announced.

This post was subsequently deleted by Calvin Harris after his joint declaration with Taylor Swift, again on social media, that there is no bad blood between them. Here it is in the estranged couple's own words.

"The only truth here is that a relationship came to an end and what remains is a huge amount of love and respect."
People was one of the sources to tackle Harris' washboard abs display on May 30, and here is the original link. As you will see, there is only a boxed space left in place of the original picture. And this is because Calvin Harris has deleted that Instagram post. However, the photo has appeared previously in one of the dance artist's posts so we have been able to reproduce it as follows.
Still, it is impossible now to completely go back to the defunct relationship between Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris via social media. This is because, as an Inquisitr article reports, the former couple recently went on a rampage, deleting tweets and posts left and right on Instagram and Twitter.

What all these actions indicate is that both parties are determined to delete any history that the relationship ever existed. It is the modern version of two spurned lovers throwing their letters and gifts into the fire. And it looks like the fire just got bigger, so big that Taylor Swift will be busy with firefighting for a while.

Here's why. Once upon a time, Kanye West had included a bad rap in his body of work about Taylor Swift being a "b****." Now, Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry, and Calvin Harris have joined the fray. Swift is hopelessly outnumbered.

Of the four celebrities ganging up against Taylor Swift, her ex is the most creative. Only yesterday, Calvin Harris made a very powerful yet subtle statement against Taylor.
He wore Yeezy sneakers in solidarity with Kanye West to the delight of the paparazzi. With four against one, it will be interesting to see how this battle of the celebrities go. Taylor Swift better get creative, too, because she is hopelessly outnumbered in this epic showdown. May the best celebrity, or celebrities, win.

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