Bernie Sanders Will Work With Hillary Clinton – Taking Down Donald Trump Is More Important Than Presidency?

Bernie Sanders publicly confirmed he intends to work with his Democrat rival Hillary Clinton to defeat GOP front-runner Donald Trump in the race to the presidency. However, he hasn’t confirmed that he is dropping out.

While Bernie Sanders did not explicitly concede his defeat to the presidential candidate and Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton, he said it is vital to defeat GOP candidate Trump, and that he was willing to work with Ms. Clinton in achieving the goal. Stopping short of fully endorsing Hillary Clinton, Sanders clearly implied he was no longer actively challenging her candidacy.

In an anticlimactic speech that signaled the effective end of a 14-month campaign odyssey, the Vermont senator insisted his “political revolution continues” despite Clinton’s effective victory in the delegate race, reported The Guardian. Bernie Sanders confirmed he was ready to work with Hillary Clinton and her presidential campaign to “transform the Democratic party.” He made these statements during a video that was streamed Thursday night, which is being labeled as “what’s next for our campaign.”

Interestingly, Bernie Sanders seems to consider the defeat of GOP candidate Donald Trump to be a far greater and vital agenda than running for presidency. During the speech, he made it amply clear that his political campaign is now geared towards defeating Donald Trump as much as it is about making the United States more progressive, reported NBC New York.

“The major political task that we face in the next five months is to make certain that Donald Trump is defeated and defeated badly. And I personally intend to begin my role in that process in a very short period of time.”

Sanders profusely thanked all his supporters and volunteers, and even suggested “other ways” they could continue to contribute to the society and work towards the issues that drew them together and support his campaign in the first place,

“Election days come and go but political and social revolutions that attempt to transform our society never end. Let me conclude by once again thanking everyone who has helped in this campaign in one way or another. We have begun the long and arduous process of transforming America, a fight that will continue tomorrow, next week, next year and into the future.”

Has Bernie Sanders pulled out of the presidential race? If these messages appear cryptic and incoherent, it may be because they were drafted to convey a rather mixed message. According to the transcript of the video available on Sanders’ website, nowhere has he explicitly mentioned that he is dropping out of the presidential race. He hasn’t categorically stated that he is backing out and supporting Hillary Clinton, but the speech does seem to imply he is on the verge of making that decision.

Bernie Sanders did meet Hillary Clinton Tuesday night in a Washington, D.C., hotel along with advisers from both the sides. According to The Washington Times, both candidates discussed income inequality, debt-free college, and other issues. However, the two most likely went over several demands made by Sanders. Sanders said that while it is “no secret” that he and Clinton have “strong disagreements on some very important issues,” it was “also true that our views are quite close on others,” reported ABC News. Sanders added there would be “additional talks with Hillary Clinton” that he is looking forward to.

According to Sanders’ campaign managers, the speech, which was the presidential hopeful’s last before the summer convention begins, was viewed by more than 200,000 supporters. The campaign has managed to raise $200 million in donations. His supporters made more than 75 million phone calls to convince the American citizenry to back Bernie Sanders.

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