Ricky Martin Calls On Public To Pressure Lawmakers For Stricter Gun Control

Val Powell - Author

Jun. 17 2016, Updated 12:25 a.m. ET

Ricky Martin, who came out as gay six years ago, wrote a powerful essay that called on every US citizen to express outrage through action in the aftermath of the deadly shooting in Orlando on June 12.

In a long essay, the Latin singer said that, despite mourning the tragic event, the worst thing anybody can do is just move on. He said the amendment to the country’s gun laws was ratified back in 1791, back when slavery was still rampant, and sex with children over 10 was legal.

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“Today, we know better as a society. We are more civilized,” Ricky Martin said. “As President Obama stated, ‘To actively do nothing is a decision as well.’ People continue to say it is their right to bear arms. What about our right to feel safe?”

This is why Ricky Martin issued an appeal for Americans – anyone who feels that something is wrong in the country in terms of the ease with which one can purchase firearms – to voice their anger.

“BREAK YOUR SILENCE and call each and every one of your congressman – those you elected into power to represent you and your ideals – 10 times each day until they act,” Ricky Martin added. “Set a timer if it helps, but make the calls.”

President Obama, meanwhile, called for a ban in the sale of assault weapons to those in the terror watchlist.

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He said that everybody should become creative in instituting strict measures without violating the Second Amendment, which would still give each American the right to bear arms although the change in the constitution created centuries of debate.

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However, Obama said believes it’s high time for Congress to pass the “no fly, no buy” bill that is currently pending in the Capitol.

“People with possible ties to terrorism who are not allowed on a plane shouldn’t be allowed to buy a gun,” he said. “Reinstate the assault weapons plan. Make it harder for terrorists to use these weapons to kill us.”

If nothing is done, President Obama said, violent incidents like the Orlando massacre, as well as a number of mass shootings in schools, will continue to occur. And the weapons that are going to be made available to citizens with an agenda will only “get more powerful.

Presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton is parroting Obama’s gun control advocacy, while Donald Trump has said that he will protect the Second Amendment if elected president.

Omar Mateen emptied his assault rifle into the trapped crowd inside the Pulse nightclub in Orlando. When the smoke cleared, 49 people were killed, with more than 50 wounded. Initial reports tied the attack to ISIS after the 29-year-old reportedly pledged allegiance to the Islamic extremist group.

However, new information has surfaced about Mateen being a closet homosexual, which may explain why he’s very angry at the LGBT who are open about their sexuality.

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Ricky Martin can certainly relate to the feeling.

Back in 2013, Ricky Martin gave an interview saying that he used to mock and tease gay people when he was still not out.

“I was very angry, very rebellious,” Ricky Martin said. “I used to look at gay men and think, I’m not like that, I don’t want to be like that, that’s not me. I was ashamed. When you’re told you’re wrong by everyone, from society, from your faith—my self-esteem was crushed. I took my anger out on those around me.”

Ricky Martin also called on the LGBT community to stand up and unite in the face of the seemingly targeted attack against them. He said they should not cower in fear and fight back against these “cowardly acts designed to silence and suppress us.”


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