Massive UFO Shoots Past Jupiter: Video From Amateur Astronomer Causes Internet Firestorm

Video footage of what appears to be a rather huge and fast-moving UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) slipping past Jupiter its moons had the internet in a firestorm of a debate this week. And although there are several theories as to what the object might be, there has been no official word from NASA or any other space agency to confirm or deny what has been speculated, lending more uncertainty to the mystery.

As the Daily Mail reported on June 13, a video of an enormous UFO moving at speed past the giant planet Jupiter and three of its 67 moons was captured by an amateur astronomer. The footage was then forwarded to SecureTeam10 – according to Science World, the video was originally posted by YouTube user TakeBackSpaceTV – a self-described “research team… bringing exposure of the alien phenomenon,” which posted its own narrated copy to YouTube. The UFO image subsequently became the source of much speculation as to what the mysterious object moving quickly through the planetary traffic might be, with commenters ranging from UFO hunters asserting that the object was an alien space vessel to the more pragmatic viewers suggesting that it was more likely to be a satellite above Earth — not anywhere near Jupiter, thus relatively producing both the UFO’s quickness and large size — moving across the amateur astronomer’s lens field.

In the UFO video itself, the small dot — the so-called Unidentified Flying Object — moves across the blackness diagonally, from the upper left end of the frame toward the lower right, passing by a large glowing orb and three smaller orbs (Jupiter and its three moons). Tyler Glockner, who narrates the SecureTeam channel on YouTube (the same channel that first reported the 13-minute video of the UFO hovering over Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio last month), refers to the images as “killer footage” and praises the amateur astronomer for his “amazing” work, pointing out that the SecureTeam video is condensed from the ten minutes of tracking carried out by TakeBackSpaceTV. Glockner, in describing the object, believes it to be close to Jupiter and “giant.”

Some believe the space object was a passing asteroid, but possibly the most easily debunked offering was the suggestion that the UFO was a star. If there’s anything certain about the image captured in the UFO video, it is that it is not a star. Stars remain nearly motionless — they move in imperceptible increments — against the backdrop of space, their immense distances giving them the illusion of being stationary relative to the observer.

One commenter, using the handle Earthlab, noted that viewers of the UFO video were getting a “little excited” about the image, saying that whatever was in the video would have to be “huge” (relative to Jupiter) and “traveling at close to light speed.” He added, “I think it was more likely a satellite going over head, but only way to know for sure if by the direction it was traveling.”

Another commenter, Old Gregg, complimented the footage but said the image was most likely “small and close to earth, rather than extremely large and moving at incredible speeds out in our solar system.”

Countering the satellite argument is Jeff Gogo, who believes that: “If this was a satellite, I think the guy running the telescope would know.”

That assumption may or may not be valid, perhaps giving TakeBackSpaceTV’s familiarity with satellite positions over the Earth a bit too much credit. Given that there are over a thousand satellites in orbit (as of 2013, per Universe Today), and many that are secret, it would not be unfair to say that “the guy running the telescope” just might have little to no idea if the UFO he captured on video was actually a satellite orbiting the Earth.

Still, the UFO video has given the internet something to debate. Is it an asteroid, an alien craft, or something far more mundane — a satellite gravity-bound to the Earth and simply passing by as the amateur astronomer filmed the image of Jupiter and its moons? Regardless, it is the second mysterious UFO to have frequented the vicinity of Jupiter this year.

According to the Daily Mail, a blurry image reportedly caught in February through a telescopic lens sent UFO hunters and alien enthusiasts into speculative hyperdrive. The object is described, again by SecureTeam, as perhaps being an “alien mothership” approaching Jupiter’s moon, Europa. And although the anomaly has yet to be explained, the more skeptical at the time believed it to be a blurred reflection of Saturn or a cluster of Jupiter’s moons — and not a UFO.

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