Lt. Governor Dan Patrick Pummeled Over Offensive Tweet, Shamelessly Campaigns With Donald Trump

The Orlando shooting has offered an opportunity for each side of the political scale to weigh in, including Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, who was under fire Sunday for posting a tweet that many found offensive, which he soon deleted.

The Dallas Morning News’ Trailblazers blog reports on the announcement by a Dan Patrick aide on Thursday evening that he will be campaigning alongside Donald Trump when the presumptive nominee campaigns throughout Texas during the week.

Both Republicans have something in common as they both have made headlines for offenses, Donald Trump especially calling for the banning of Muslims, as well as accusing the president of directly supporting terrorism.

Prior to this, the Lt. Governor had already made headlines for opposing the president over his letter to them of guidelines for transgender students in schools over the bathroom laws, which the Inquisitor has detailed.

Lt. Governor Dan Patrick is one of the many Republican politicians who is outspoken against the Obama administration.
Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick is challenging the Obama administration over a letter, which provides the guidelines of equality in schools nationwide. Dan Patrick is currently fighting the city of Ft. Worth over the transgender law, which the state is looking to impose as the city has decided to fight the state. The Lt. Gov. is at a press conference in May 2016, during the Texas Republican Convention. [Image by LM Otero / AP Photo]
Prior to this, the article says that Dan Patrick hadn’t always talked fondly of Trump as it refers to an another article by San Antonio Express-News which says that in August of 2015, he went after Trump on Facebook, calling him out for verbally attacking everyone else, before he ended up deleting the comment.

“I’m glad he has made the border a key issue for this campaign, but everything else he has said and done is hurting the chances for a Republican to win the White House in 2016,” Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick said in a Facebook post after Trump visited the border. He denounced Trump’s “wild and personal attacks on just about everyone, including presidential opponents and Hispanics.”

These reports show at least two times when Dan Patrick has backtracked, first in deleting a post he invested some time in to make a point, and second, not supporting Trump before he seemed to have no choice but to, after his state of Texas’ own Senator Ted Cruz suspended his campaign.

The Dallas News report says that Dan Patrick became a Donald Trump supporter, saying that the goal now was to defeat Hillary Clinton, suggesting that all other Republicans get behind him.

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick once fully supported Ted Cruz against Donald Trump, is now completely supporting of the Trump campaign.
Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, right, introduces Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz speaks at a press conference Monday, Oct. 26, 2015, in Houston. Ted Cruz has since suspended his campaign and now Dan Patrick, once against Donald Trump — even saying that Ted Cruz is the right choice over the billionaire — is now campaigning with him through Texas. [Image by Pat Sullivan / AP Photo]
Currently, with no signs that Donald Trump will pull back from a platform that many people — including devoted Party Republicans, who are refusing to provide any support at all to the GOP because of him — feel is offensive, many believe that Dan Patrick is pandering to the billionaire’s radical base.

Texas’ lieutenant governor is also scheduled to speak at the River Plantation Country Club on Thursday, June 23, in Conroe, Texas, for the Montgomery County Republican Women’s general meeting, according to The Courier of Montgomery County.

The article also acknowledges a recent controversy over Dan Patrick’s offensive tweet, which also quoted the president of the group, Republican Women’s group Pearl Maggio, on what having the politician speak means to them and having him there a second time around.

“He was very dynamic and very inspirational. It’s important for them (the members and community) to know what he’s dealing with on the state level and how he’s fighting to defend our rights as Texans.”

Following the deleted tweet, Dan Patrick responded to the deletion via Facebook, which the Texas Tribune reported on, in a response similar to his anti-Trump post on Facebook.

In this case, he says that the tweet was already scheduled ahead of time, without any knowledge of the incident in Florida, but also followed his response on Facebook quoting scripture.

In the case of last year’s Facebook post, Dan Patrick claims that he was just doing his part in keeping his Facebook account clean of such statements, and that the post had already run its course.

[Image by LM Otero/AP Photo]

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