Reading Makes You Sexier To Potential Partners, And These Are The Sexiest Genres

Reading makes you sexier, according to a new study from the U.K.-based matchmaking service MyBae.

While it has been commonly accepted for years that reading makes you smarter, the company tested its users to see what it did in the looks department and found out that it increases one’s appeal with potential partners and that there are a few genres of book that perform the best in the sexy department.

After analyzing some in-house statistics, Daniel Sobey-Harker writes, it “seems that people that used reading related tags had more success overall than any other tag type.”

Sobey-Harker starts by drawing a distinction between related tags and unrelated tags. In the context of matching candidates, related tags occurred when applicants used the same exact tag when setting up a profile. Unrelated tags were the ones that candidates didn’t share at all, but there were also partial match tags in which someone might use #Reading while the other used #Books.

“Out of all our matches 21 percent… had related reading tags in common,” Sobey-Harker explained, commenting that the number was “much stronger than the average of 15 percent for all other… similar matches with music, films, or TV.”

“Looking at matches between people who don’t have tags in common shows an interesting result. It shows that 11 percent of people will try to match with someone who uses tags that show that they’re an avid reader. This compares to the next highest tag, music, in which only 7 percent of people who don’t have anything in common still match.”

In other words, candidates place a lot of importance when it comes to finding a specific partner on the simple action of reading and one’s affinity for books.

That is not to say that matches have to share the same types of reading material. However, there were some specific genres, which resonated more than others especially when it came to sex appeal.

To determine the sexiest genres, Sobey-Harker analyzed the tags for most matches as well as the tags for least. His findings — the three “sexiest” reading genres were, from No. 1 to No. 3 — romance, psychological thriller, and travel.

The six most popular reading-related tags in the MyBae survey included #Reading (No. 7), #Books (No. 9), #GameOfThronesBooks (No. 16), #Fiction (No. 17), #Fantasy/Sci-Fi Books (No. 21), and #Non-Fiction (No. 24).

Reading makes you tend to be less creepy as well, according to the findings, with users that have reading-related tags turning up in only four incident reports.

Sports, drinking, and gaming tags were among the most-reported (not good).

There are some other interested tag-related findings that show what reading makes you do or what type of person it makes you like at the link above. You should check it out if literature and relationships go hand-in-hand.

As of Thursday, June 16, the findings had found their way onto the first page of Reddit with close to 1,000 comments, indicating a lot of proud book lovers.

So for those of you keeping score — and those of you who just love to type terms into Google to see what comes up — here is what all reading makes of you now.

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 7.54.53 PM

It makes you smarter, dizzier, and sleepy. It also makes you “feel good” and allows your mind to “bloom,” or, guessing here, learn who you are as a person.

But what do you think about sexy, readers?

Did you ever think reading makes a person more attractive, and if so, is it reading in general? Or does the specific content of what that person is reading play a role? And what genres do you find the “sexiest”? Sound off in the comments section below!

[Image via Flickr Creative Commons / Food for Thought Books]

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