‘Overwatch’ Update: Competitive Mode Details

Blizzard has shared new details on Overwatch, specifically the competitive mode that players have been anxiously waiting for.

According to IGN, Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan has answered player questions in regard to competitive mode and how it will work in the coming update. While Overwatch already had a competitive system in place, the reception from players has been one of mixed feelings. The general opinion is that the system is lacking, and Kaplan wants to expand on this to give a more specific detail to ranking and skill systems.

“The downside of a system like this is [that your rating is] going to go down sometimes,” Kaplan stated. “But this is the sort of competitive system that we think players who are attracted to competitive play really want.”

Competition in Overwatch is just about what you would expect; players want to dominate, and they want to feel that their individual contributions are leading somewhere. This system plans to do just that, allowing the specific player to view their own skill and rank. They’ll also be able to view the team’s overall rank, giving a look into every aspect of competition and where they stand as a result.

There’s also the matter of “Sudden Death” in Overwatch, where players would go into an overtime of sorts. The frequency of this happening is showed to be at least 35 percent, and Blizzard plans to put a fix in place that will address this issue. Not only this, but there are certain maps that appear to be far less effective than others. Depending on the teams, it was easier to achieve victory or defeat at a greater rate. While Kaplan wouldn’t go into full detail on how they planned to fix this, it was noted that there would be tweaks to allow teams greater struggle toward one another.

Overwatch will also be receiving an update to its modes. According to Cinemablend, the season will be changed to reflect a longer period. It’s speculated that the season will last almost three months as opposed to one, based on the Northern hemisphere calendar. Without tiers, this allows players to participate and update their skill and ranking numbers. According to Blizzard, the matchmaking system will be able to tell any given participant how they play compared to others, and it will also award the higher players in the ranking with cosmetics. This will include golden weapons, signs that one is in the upper levels of competition among Overwatch elites.

While Overwatch is being geared toward more personal progression, Blizzard has taken the matchmaking a step further. Players will be able to tell whether the opposing team is pre-made, or if they are simply a random group. In the past, there was no particular expectation until the match began. Players will now be able to know what to expect, adjusting strategy and being made aware of the skirmish and team synergy that will come as a result. While this may seem small, players will better grasp what they’re up against.

Blizzard has made note of Overwatch and its competitive mode, stating that they want player feedback in the coming days. While there is no official release date, director Jeff Kaplan stated that they would like to know if the new competitive mode will be what players want. If not, they will continue to update accordingly. If this is any indication of Blizzard’s attention to player opinion, fans can rest assured that their voices will be heard.

How do you feel about Overwatch and its new competitive play? Do you think that the system will be better with these implementations? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

[Image Via Blizzard Entertainment]