Employee Faces Charges In Poisoning Death Of Boss — Why Did She Do It? [Video]

Murders are committed every day, from cold and calculated planning, to spur of the moment, emotional killings, such as crimes of passion. Some motives are easily discerned, while others are more complicated, at times remaining a mystery that cannot be solved. Poisoning deaths seem to considered one of the easiest to administer, as well as to hide, but even poisoning is not a foolproof way to get away with murder.

This week, 23-year old Kaitlyn Conley, of Sauquoit, New York, is facing charges in the poisoning death of her boss, chiropractor Mary Yoder. Before the poisoning, and subsequent murder charges, Conley had been an employee in the chiropractic office owned by Dr. Yoder and her husband, William Yoder, for the past four years. The couple ran Chiropractic Family Care in Whitesboro for a total of 28 years, reports Syracuse.

The poisoning death happened last year, in the latter part of July. Dr. Mary Yoder fell ill and passed away in the hospital. A family member believed the death was suspicious and turned to authorities for answers. An autopsy confirmed that Dr. Yoder’s death was caused by poisoning with an anti-inflammatory drug called colchicine, most commonly used to treat gout.

Once poisoning was confirmed, the death was ruled a homicide in December. Oneida County Sheriff Robert Maciol says the alleged murderer is just this week facing charges for the 2015 death, as well as related charges.

The Poison Review advises extreme caution when using this drug. Apparently, life-threatening, accidental overdose poisoning is a very real possibility even when used in the correct dosage.

“Colchicine is a feared poison — it impairs the function of cellular microtubules, interfering with essential processes such as mitosis, secretion, protein synthesis, and myocardial function. Even small doses can result in multi-organ failure, and no antidote is available. Onset of life-threatening toxicity can be heralded by severe gastrointestinal symptoms.”

It does not appear, however, that anything about Dr. Yoder’s poisoning death was accidental. In fact, authorities note that Conley allegedly planned the poisoning for months before she actually put her plans into place. According to CBS News, Conley not only faces charges for murder, but charges for falsifying documents, a Letter of Intent, and W-9 tax form in the attempt to procure the medication she used in the poisoning.

An Oneida County grand jury indicted Conley on charges of second-degree murder, as well as charges of first degree falsifying business records. She has been released on $100,000 bail.

What kind of force drove Kaitlyn to the extreme decision of poisoning her boss? Was she fed up with a poor work environment? Had she fallen in love with Dr. William Yoder? If the authorities know what her motive for poisoning her boss is, they are not sharing that information with the general public.

The charges she is facing are very serious, indeed. Dr. Mary Yoder was proven to have died from colchicine poisoning. There must be at least some form of hard evidence that Ms. Conley went through the process of obtaining the poison, given the fact that she now faces poisoning charges.

The poisoning of a chiropractic, holistic doctor has shocked the community in which she practiced. Kaitlyn Conley faces multiple charges in the poisoning murder of her boss.

What reason did she have for poisoning Dr. Yoder? Share your thoughts with us.

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