LeAnn Rimes Alleged Lawsuit PR Stunt Backfires

A process server hired by the LeAnn Rimes’ team allegedly made a very big and very public mistake on Monday when the delivery man tried to give a lawsuit filing to the wrong woman. The processor was reportedly attempting to present Kim Smiley with invasion of privacy lawsuit documents according to Radar Online.

The invasion of court papers claim that Smiley recorded a telephone conversation with Rimes, when the performer called her after nearly a year of alleged clashes on Twitter. The high school teacher and mother of six “vowed” to fight the allegations in court.

On Labor Day the process server and members of the media arrived at what they thought was the home of the Kim Smiley named in the lawsuit. The group was actually at the home of the plaintiff’s sister-in-law, who just happened to have the same name.

“My sister-in-law told them they had the wrong Kim and they wouldn’t believe her. They wouldn’t leave her alone. I headed the process server was banging on the door and looking over the fence. They were having a part and my sister-in-law was so upset she took her kids and ran to the clubhouse in the development where they live. This was a public relations stunt, it was a bad one. And it sure went wrong for LeAnn,” Kim Smiley told Radar Online.

The correct address for the invasion of privacy lawsuit plaintiff is more than an hour away in a different direction. The document delivery guy allegedly called the home in advance and stated “they” were going to arrive with legal papers and was reportedly not deterred by the repeated statements that he was traveling to the wrong home. The country music singer is currently embarking on a 30-day stay in a rehabilitation center undergoing treatment for anxiety and stress issues.