Courtney Stodden Shows Support For Pulse Shooting, Hints She Wants A Gay Son

Courtney Stodden has taken to Instagram to honor the victims and their families involved in the tragic mass shooting at Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida.

It all started when Courtney Stodden took to Instagram to share a selfie of herself in bed as she pouted her nude lips.

“Sad today. I can’t get over the tragedy in Orlando. The LGBT community is the most beautiful open & accepting communities in the entire world. I stand behind their strength. Bless the souls who were lost. I love you #lgbt #picoftheday,” she wrote.

On the early hours of Sunday, June 12, 49 people were shot and killed by an armed American-born gunman at Pulse, a popular Orlando gay night club. It’s been called the worst mass shooting in U.S. history and has also left over 50 people in serious condition.

Then, Courtney took it one step further when she posed naked in the LGBT flag and with rainbow tears painted down her eyes. The 21-year-old model and actress posted several photos and videos of herself draped in the flag in her swimming pool.

#picoftheday #orlando #lgbt

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#picoftheday #orlando #lgbt

A photo posted by Courtney A Stodden (@courtneyastodden) on

I love you #LGBT ❤️????????????????

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Even though Stodden’s photos and videos seem poor in taste, most of her fans have appreciated her efforts. Stodden has revealed in the past that she’s a huge supporter of the LGBT community. The now pregnant reality star has also opened up about wanting a girl or a gay son.

Speaking with Us Weekly at a recent PETA event in Los Angeles, Courtney revealed that she currently doesn’t know the sex of her baby, but she knows that if it’s a boy, he will be a gay boy.

“If it’s a boy I am going to dress him up in tutus. I know I am going to spoil my baby rotten. I’m going to be a fun mom. I always say I am going to have a girl regardless, and if it’s a boy he’ll be gay!”

To some, Stodden’s comments may seem insensitive. Not only is she stereotyping gay men, but she’s also acting like her baby will be her little dress up doll rather than a human being that she’s bringing up in the world. She’s also insinuating that she’s forcing her kid to be gay when people are born with the sexuality they have. On the other, Stodden could just be kidding.

The blonde bombshell confirmed the baby news to Us Weekly on May 16, which she openly admitted was an accident. A week later, Courtney told the tabloid that she’s currently battling prenatal depression.

“My depression affects my sleeping patterns and overall perspective on life. At times, I have severe insomnia, and other times I find myself sleeping too much. I have feelings of hopelessness but experience many moments of absolute euphoria.”

In addition to her prenatal depression, Stodden admitted that she suffers from endometriosis, a medical condition that’s associated with infertility. Although Stodden is pregnant with her first child, she will continue to post nude selfies like she always does. Stodden shared this black-and-white nude clip with the caption “#VideoOfTheDay.”

???? #videooftheday

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Then she followed up with this “#PicOfTheDay,” which shows her wearing a lace bra and tight white biker shorts. The timing of these photos is off since Courtney posted them after the news of the Orlando mass shooting spread on social media. Even Courtney’s own fans were confused about the timing of her posts.

???? #picoftheday

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Meanwhile, some of her friends thanked her for making them smile in light of such a horrific tragedy.

“You’re adorable,” one fan wrote. “And make me smile even though the world is a mess. Bless Orlando!”

On the other hand, it is possible that Courtney scheduled her posts and didn’t realize that they would get posted at such an inappropriate time.

What are your thoughts? Do you think Courtney Stodden’s comments and photos are insensitive with the timing of recent events? Or, do you think that Stodden just means well? Sound off below in the comments section.

[Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images for Specticast]