One Direction’s Niall Horan Tells BBC ‘I’m Not Here For S**t Interviews’

One Direction star Niall Horan has lashed out t the BBC after a rather awkward interview. Niall was with his family at the Royal Ascot horse racing meeting when the 22-year-old was doorstepped by BBC radio Berkshire. Horan clearly did not want to be interviewed, as, according to Get Reading, he said “sorry, not today.” It was not being asked for an interview that annoyed Horan, it was the rather rude comments afterwards that upset Niall.

Horan is an avowed sports fan who has spent more than a little of One Direction’s hiatus watching sport. We have seen Niall watching soccer and darts in London and, as reported in the Inquisitr, Horan has even started his own sports management team with the aim of developing the golf stars of the future. Niall has also attended the Australian Open tennis and several golf tournaments with his friend Rory McIlroy.

It is safe to say that Horan enjoys using sport to help him relax after enduring an almost unbearably hectic five years on the road with One Direction. As a result, being asked for an interview while enjoying a day out with his family, is unlikely to be something that Niall expects. He is of course totally within his rights to politely decline to be interviewed. Horan would also be entitled to expect the BBC journalist to act in a professional manner after he declined the interview.

Instead BBC Radio Berkshire’s sports editor Tim Dellor said that “we didn’t actually know who [Niall] was anyway.” He also made a jibe at Horan’s attire saying he was “not dressed properly” for the day’s races.

Comments on the BBC’s Royal Ascot coverage further criticized Niall, saying that his was “the most unimpressive performance” by a celebrity that he could remember.

It is interesting that the BBC slammed Horan’s sense of style because the Daily Mirror praised Niall’s smart look.

“The One Direction star was suited and booted as he hit Royal Ascot for its second day on Wednesday and looked rather dashing in a navy blue suit with red spotty tie.

“Proving he can be a rather snappy dresser [Niall] teamed the look with matching shoes, handkerchief and a pair of tan framed sunglasses — very chic.”

Horan was clearly unimpressed by the BBC’s rather rude attitude towards him and he was quick to let them know his thoughts on the matter. Niall said that he was “having a day out with his family” and that he was not at the racecourse to “stand in front of cameras to do s**t interviews.”

You do have to wonder about the BBC journalists lack of knowledge about current affairs if he did not know who Niall was. The One Direction singer is after all one of the most recognizable faces on the planet. One Direction fans were quick to support Niall, and the singer dominated the Royal Ascot twitter feed once it became clear that he was at the racecourse.

As you might imagine, fans were keen to point out that Horan is entitled to a private life and that he is under no obligation to undertake unscheduled interviews.

Most fans were supportive of Niall’s stance saying that the BBC needed to have more respect for the young star. The consensus was that Niall had put the BBC firmly in their place. Horan and the rest of One Direction are supposed to be enjoying a well-earned break. Niall is almost always generous with his time, both for fans and for the press. When Horan is with his family and enjoying a day out, he is entitled to be treated with respect if he doesn’t want to give an interview.

Niall Horan Royal Ascot
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For those who may not be aware the rude comments about Niall’s dress are a hangover from the British class system. At Royal Ascot, “gentlemen are kindly reminded that it is a requirement to wear either black or grey morning dress which must include a waistcoat and tie (no cravats), a black or grey top hat, and black shoes” in certain parts of the course. Niall wore a lounge suit, something that is perfectly acceptable outside the Royal enclosure.

Horan and many others will wonder why when you attend a race meeting in 2016 you can be dictated to over how you choose to dress.

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