Luann de Lesseps On Thomas: Is She Jealous Sonja And Ramona Hooked Up With Him?

Luann de Lesseps had found her soulmate, and she wanted everyone to know about it. On last night’s episode of The Real Housewives of New York, Luann couldn’t help but get excited about her latest relationship. While de Lesseps has dated over the past couple of years, she’s super excited when it comes to her newest relationship with Thomas D’Agostino. They met through Dorinda Medley, who believed that they were the perfect match. But he did come with some baggage; he had dated Ramona Singer a few times and he had supposedly hooked up with Sonja Morgan. How does Luann feel about this?

According to a new Bravo report, Luann de Lesseps is now revealing that it doesn’t really bother her that her co-stars have spent time with D’Agostino — as long as it doesn’t overlap with her relationship. The two said they loved one another after one week, so one can imagine Luann would be a little upset if D’Agostino was getting it on with someone else during this time. But on last night’s episode, Luann just wanted the world to know that she was in love and planning a wedding.

“The first person I wanted to share the news with was Sonja, so she wouldn’t have to wonder where I was spending my time night after night. When she told me that she’d been with Tom four weeks earlier, my first thought was that she needs to do her math. We knew we were going to stay together, but it took a couple of weeks to get there. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter to me who Tom dated, because we are planning our future together. As for Sonja’s decision to quit drinking, I say ‘bravo’ because it will help her have a better perspective on her life and her business,” Luann de Lesseps explains in her blog.

As it turns out, de Lesseps’ new man is actually Sonja’s Thomas. When she learned of this plan to get married, Sonja said “My Thomas?” shockingly, as she tried to put the pieces together. Apparently, she had been hooking up with Thomas a few times, and one of the times happened just a few weeks prior to Luann’s announcement.

Thomas had also dated Ramona Singer, and it sounds like de Lesseps may be in denial about that relationship. de Lesseps kept saying that they only went out once or twice, but Ramona had insisted that they had been out around 7 times before they broke things off. And they may have broken things off because Luann came into the picture. Thomas moves quick, because he already professed his feelings for the Countess during their first week together.

“Tom told me he loved me one week in, and the feeling was mutual. Ramona could tell how over-the-moon I was for Tom, so when she tried to burst my bubble by sharing what she’d heard about him calling his ex and giving her a present, I wondered if she was trying to be a good girlfriend or if subliminally, she was trying to hurt me. I admire Tom’s ability to be friends with his ex. I, too, am friends with my ex-husband,” Luann de Lesseps explains in her blog, sharing that she’s cordial with her ex-husband,

It’s interesting that Luann didn’t mention the Christmas gift that D’Agostino supposedly gave his ex-wife for Christmas. While she did seem shocked when Ramona brought it up, she quickly revealed that she trusted him. Many Twitter fans quickly reacted, saying that Thomas was trying to trick her. Since he had already dated two of her co-stars, they believed that he may just want a role on The Real Housewives of New York.

Do you think Luann de Lesseps is being fooled by Thomas or do you think they are genuinely in love?

[Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images for NYFW: The Shows]