Tom Cruise Scientology Rumors Rage On: Is Actor Leaving The Religion For His Co-Star From ‘The Mummy’?

Tom Cruise Scientology rumors rage on. In this instance, a report claims that the actor is leaving the religion for his co-star from The Mummy, Annabelle Wallis.

A cover story on OK! magazine that hit newsstands this week reads, “Tom is Leaving Scientology For Love!”

The article leads readers to believe that Cruise is leaving Scientology for an actress he co-stars with in his new film, with a “source” suggesting that the actor is ready to give up his devoted religion for this woman.

Gossip Cop corrects the story, reporting that it’s inaccurate.

GP points out that if Tom Cruise isn’t willing to leave Scientology for his daughter, Suri, why would he leave it for someone else? To be fair, stranger things have happened when it comes to love!

In any case, this story is fabricated.

It may sound legitimate when you read quoted sources, but the tabloids are quite good at this and are called out frequently for taking strong liberties to fabricate stories that sell.

“The actor is so smitten with Annabelle Wallis, he could leave Scientology for her,” an unidentified source tells OK! magazine.

As the story goes, Cruise and Wallis “hit it off” while filming The Mummy. The magazine’s insider insists that Wallis told Cruise that “she couldn’t make a commitment to him so long as he was a practicing Scientologist.”

It’s an age-old situation heard of many times in Hollywood that the source is spewing — co-stars falling for one another while shooting a movie.

“Annabelle really likes Tom, and she can see herself falling for him big-time,” the source continues. “But not while he’s a Scientologist. She has no interest in converting.”

The magazine claims that Wallis has “inspired Tom to rethink his extreme religious beliefs,” and now he’s “considering leaving the church.”

Additionally, the source says that while Tom Cruise has “always done what the church asked,” he’s “finally realizing what a negative impact that’s had on his relationships.”

The insider implies that Cruise is “ready to walk” and leave Scientology far behind.

To make the report even juicier, it alleged that Cruise and Wallis “shared a dinner date” with Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx.

Holmes and Foxx have been tabloid fodder in recent months. There have been rumors that they’re engaged or expecting a baby. All of those speculations have been addressed and corrected. Although the pair are good friends, they aren’t dating.

GP firmly notes at the end of its report that Tom Cruise is not leaving Scientology and remains devoted to it.

Countless reports have and still continue to claim that Cruise hasn’t seen his 10-year-old daughter in three years due to his affiliation with the Church of Scientology. Little, if anything, has disputed this.

In April, Hollywood Life gave an inside look as to why Tom Cruise hasn’t been in touch with Suri. The site interviewed Scientology expert and author Tony Ortega, who said that typically those involved in Scientology are to refrain from family members who are non-believers because they would qualify as a “Potential Trouble Source.” In Cruise’s case, however, he’s the exception.

“The Number one rule of Scientology: celebrities get to break all the rules. For that reason, it’s very hard to say whether David Miscavige (the leader of the Church of Scientology) and Tom Cruise consider Katie officially an SP (Suppressive Person) and Suri, by extension, PTS (Potential Trouble Source),” Ortega said.

In other words, Tom Cruise refuses to engage with his daughter due to his Scientology beliefs.

It would be a major scandal if the star left the religion for another woman and not his daughter!

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