Man Puts Gas Can In Trunk And Car Explodes [Graphic Video]

Gas stations can sometimes be dangerous places, especially if people don’t realize they aren’t supposed to light up a cigarette near the gas pumps or fight with gas station attendants who tell them to put out their cigarettes. However, a new video shows that it might not always be smokers who create explosive situations at the gas pump.

As seen in the below graphic video, a 45-year-old man from Greece found out the hard way that cars can also explode due to gas can vapors that are ignitable.

Warning: The following video contains graphic footage.

According to Today, the explosion happened potentially because of vapors from a gas can. It is a common practice for folks to bring gas cans to the gas pump and fill them up in order to have gasoline for their lawn mowers, snowplows, and other equipment that requires gas.

As reported by WHEC, Igor Pataco is 44, not 45, but either way, he suffered serious burns when the explosion threw Igor backwards and out of his car. Pataco can be seen in the video rolling around on the ground to make the flames on his body go out.

The car explosion sent Igor to the hospital, where he was treated for third-degree burns that covered more than 30 percent of his body. Although serious, Igor’s burns are not life-threatening. By having the presence of mind to drop to the ground and roll, Igor helped himself instead of running wildly like some people who are on fire do, which can cause the flames to grow.

The car fire happened in Rochester, New York, right after Igor placed his gas can in the trunk of his car. The explosion happened at 12:20 a.m. on Wednesday morning.

It isn’t known what exactly caused the gas can in the trunk to explode at the Sunoco station located on Portland Avenue near Clifford Avenue. However, police believe that some kind of spark set off the vapors from the gas can in the trunk and caused the fire. According to James Hartman, the Battalion Chief, simple things can set off a fire.

“It can be ignited simply from static electricity. The spark generated from when you rub your hair or rub clothing or even the action of getting in and out of cloth seats could have created the spark. If someone’s clothes catch on fire, the proper thing is to stop, drop and roll and try to extinguish the fire.”

According to TWC News, Hartman also advised folks to limit the amount of time that the gas can is within the vehicle if possible.

As reported by the Daily Mail, a man recently vacuumed spilled gas in his car and it caught on fire.

The Sunoco gas station owner, Salem Nagi, noted how his workers were shocked and scared when the fire happened.

It can be dangerous to fill gas cans, and only approved containers should be used. They should be positioned on the ground when being filled and not filled while inside the vehicle. The lids should be tightened as well.

On social media, people are reacting to the wild video and offering their own advice about gas cans.

“Glad the dudes gonna be ok. I never let my wife get gas cans filled in her car. I always take my truck…..Gas in enclosed space not good.”

“Wow — that is frightening! I can only imagine that this man was terrified! Don’t forget: Many people have audio equipment (e.g., speakers, base speakers, etc.) built into their trunks. I can imagine that simply turning on the vehicle gives power to that equipment and could potentially set off vapors from a gas tank in the trunk.”

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