JoJo Fletcher Confronts Jordan Rodgers Over Cheating Rumors, ‘The Bachelorette’ Star Feels Like She Is ‘Courting Him’

Things are about to get awkward on The Bachelorette.

Us Magazine reports that JoJo Fletcher is about to confront Jordan Rodgers about cheating on his old girlfriend. Will Rodgers last while Fletcher digs up his past?

Prior to her time on The Bachelorette, Fletcher read allegations that Rodgers cheated on his ex-girlfriend.

To make matters worse, Fletcher also met with Rodgers’ former girlfriend, Brittany Farrar, months before filming commenced. Apparently, Farrar did not have anything nice to say about Rodgers.

“Brittany told JoJo that Jordan wasn’t a great boyfriend,” an inside source revealed. “She said there are trust issues.”

In order to put cheating rumors to rest, Fletcher decided to ask Rodgers about his former love life. The intense conversation happened over a romantic dinner in Uruguay.

“Jordan cops to flirting with other women, but he denies he was unfaithful,” a source close to the show explained.

The fact that Rodgers admitted to flirting didn’t go over well, but his explanation was enough for Fletcher to believe him. That being said, Fletcher didn’t walk away without feeling as though Rodgers held something back.

“She feels like she’s the one courting him,” the insider added. “She continues to have doubts.”

Rodgers has emerged as a clear favorite for Fletcher’s final rose this season. His status as a front-runner, however, has diminished in light of his shady past.

According to Parent Herald, Rodgers will not last through the end of the show. Although many fans expected Fletcher and Rodgers to get engaged, it now appears as though Fletcher has another suitor in mind.

Who will JoJo Fletcher give her final rose?

With Rodgers possibly on his way out, Luke Pell now has the best chance to win over Fletcher’s heart.

Not only has Fletcher started to like Pell more, but host Chris Harrison recently praised Pell for his outstanding service in the military. Is Harrison setting him up to win it all?

Given Rodgers questionable past — and the fact that Fletcher felt the need to confront him about it — it is clear that Pell is the better choice. Of course, just because Pell is the better man doesn’t mean Fletcher will choose him in the end.

Either way, Hollywood Take reports that Fletcher has a lot of difficult decisions ahead of her.

Along with dealing with Rodgers past and her feelings for Pell, Fletcher has her hands full with Chad Johnson. The last episode ended after Johnson’s dramatic date with Fletcher and his epic feud with the other contestants.

“I think this was the week where JoJo really realized she had her work cut out for her and these decisions were going to just keep getting harder all the way through to the end,” Harrison shared.

Despite her reservations about Rodgers, there is still a chance that the former NFL quarterback can win Fletcher back. After all, Rodgers has yet to have a bad week with Fletcher.

According to Reality TV World, Rodgers made a huge impression on Fletcher during the group dates in Pennsylvania.

“Of course, Jordan had a chance to display his golden arm. He may not be quite as well known as his brother [Aaron], but he was certainly the MVP that day, and he led his team to victory,” Harrison stated.

At this point, it’s anyone’s guess what will happen between Rodgers and Fletcher. If he is truthful with her about his past, then he will probably go a long way in the competition.

Whatever happens, Fletcher clearly has a lot to think about over the next couple of weeks.

The next episode of The Bachelorette is set to air June 20 on ABC.

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