WWE News: Update On Why Finn Balor’s Main Roster Call Up Has Continued To Be Pushed Back

Possibly the most anticipated thing in all of pro-wrestling might be the debut of WWE NXT star Finn Balor to the main roster. The longest reigning NXT Champion in history has been the subject of various call-up rumors since last summer in fact. At one point, there was a plan on the books to bring Balor to the main roster last year. Injuries plagued the NXT roster just as they did the main roster, which meant Finn had to stay behind.

With Sami Zayn headed to the main roster at that time, WWE was prepared to lose a big NXT name. However, his injury allowed Kevin Owens to hit the main roster. Hideo Itami then went down to an injury as well. Finn Balor had to stick around for simple star power alone, which made total sense. There was even rumors that he would show up after WrestleMania 32 on the WWE RAW following, when various NXT stars usually make their debut.

Balor nor Bayley, the two most anticipated people, made their debut. While the debuts that did happen were nice and all, the fans wanted the two top stars and didn’t get them. So, why has WWE been holding Finn Balor back now?

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According to Cageside Seats, he has been held back for a little while due to the various returns the company has had from Seth Rollins to John Cena. Others like Randy Orton, Neville, and the Wyatt Family have yet to make their way back. The biggest issue on top of this was that WWE didn’t want Balor to hit the main roster before he finished up his latest program with Samoa Joe. Now that he has, it appears there is a story being set up for he and Shinsuke Nakamura.

The plan according to most outlets is that the WWE NXT stars who do come up to the main roster will also still work in NXT for a bit. Due to WWE taping their broadcasts for the WWE Network a number of shows at a time, the main roster talent could easily film the NXT shows and work most all the main roster live events and television shows with no problem.

Despite the returns, it has been reported that most of the NXT stars that are planned to come up this year are going to debut before the WWE Draft. There was even a report claiming that some could debut as soon as this upcoming Monday. With the WWE Draft less than a month away, it would make sense to give people a few weeks to know some of these call-ups a bit more. The hardcore fans may know them, but that does not mean casual fans will. WWE usually caters to that audience more often than now, which means the NXT call-ups will have to work twice as hard to impress when they do get the call-up.

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If Finn Balor was set to debut soon, most would expect him to debut at WWE Money in the Bank this Sunday to help The Club in some way. Of course, there has also been rumors claiming that WWE is going to keep Finn Balor out of The Club with the plan for him to do his own thing.

The time we see Finn Balor may all depend on what WWE’s decision on whether or not to debut him with The Club. While it makes total sense to do it, WWE also needs singles stars, too. Due to the upcoming WWE brand split, there is a need for this now more than ever. Clearly Finn has proven he can be a great alone, so WWE knows what they have with him as a singles act. While they always could use him in a faction, there’s a lot more money in him as a singles star at the end of the day.

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