WWE News: Update On When The WWE NXT Call Ups Are Expected To Start With The Main Roster

Times are interesting in WWE as of late. With the upcoming WWE Draft and brand split, it is becoming quite obvious that WWE has some plans in place that will be groundbreaking. With WWE SmackDown going live on a weekly basis starting July 19, WWE has already made one announcement fans thought they would never hear. On top of that, a brand split is also groundbreaking because of the roster we have today. What else could be planned? Is there something missing?

One theory is that WWE will plan to bring in major WWE NXT stars to take on interesting roles within the company. We know Finn Balor, Bayley, Samoa Joe, and American Alpha are all on the call-up list. Cageside Seats reports that we could see the NXT stars hit the main roster very soon, possibly as soon as the WWE RAW following WWE Money in the Bank this Sunday. That means next Monday, we could see some of our favorite NXT stars show up on WWE RAW and make a huge impact.

While WWE will not be in a mark town next Monday, the theory among some experts is that WWE has done such a great job promoting their NXT talent that many fans will know who they are. Some very well could debut at Money in the Bank on Sunday when WWE hits Las Vegas. One rumor, like seemingly every month now, is that Finn Balor could show up at MITB and manage to make an impact by attacking someone.

Some believe he will be the one who helps AJ Styles beat John Cena. However, it is also being reported that Cena is expected to win on Sunday. Still, though, he could win by DQ, which would then mean someone would get involved to help that occur — like Balor.

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When it comes to the likes of Bayley, some think that she could show up on Monday to possibly force Charlotte to give a shot at the WWE Women’s Championship. WWE has not given us another challenger for the title yet. In fact, Charlotte is doing a tag team match for the first time in months. She has been putting a title on the line since the Fall. While Paige was set to be the next challenge for Charlotte, due to beating her twice now, Bayley could get the shot instead.

Of course, this all hinges on debuts. One would imagine that WWE wouldn’t bring all of the NXT stars up at the same time, but weirder things have happened. On top of this, WWE has debuted many NXT stars on the same show before. It tends to happen the night after WrestleMania each year. That said, it would be a first to see major NXT stars called up at the same time during a summer month. Typically, WWE debuts one or two people during the summer.

However, the WWE Draft is upcoming, so it would make sense to bring many up. Some theorize that it wouldn’t make sense for American Alpha to show up until after the WWE Draft. The main reason is because as a team, they would not want to be split up due to the draft. If they showed up before, they would fall victim to this. That is unless WWE makes the ruling that tag teams cannot be broken up. This doesn’t seem to be on their radar as they did tease a possible New Day split a couple weeks back.

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Meanwhile, people like Finn Balor, Bayley, and Samoa Joe all could show up with no issues, as it doesn’t really matter where they go when the draft hits. They will be major players regardless of where they end up.

As far as WWE doing something groundbreaking. There are rumors claiming WWE could use the NXT stars to try and push the current talent. That means everyone could end up in major roles that main roster talent would have had. Even with the split, they will end up in big roles on day one that someone else had. This would then force the current main roster stars into a position where they try to be better than they already are.

It adds not only competition between the shows, but with the talent as well. Why is it groundbreaking? Look at the great crop of stars now and imagine if all were twice as good as they currently are. That can only be big for the product. It is the thought that WWE NXT guys and girls are coming to take their spot, and the company is pushing the current talent to do something about it.

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