Watch Donald Trump Dallas Rally Stream Live: Trump Takes Contentious Campaign To Mechanical Bull Bar Gilley’s

Donald Trump takes his increasingly controversial presidential campaign to Dallas, Texas, Thursday for a rally that will stream live from Gilley’s in downtown Dallas, a bar known for, among other things, offering rides on a mechanical bull. The Trump rally at the 92,000 square-foot Gilley’s Dallas South Side Ballroom could be met by as many as 10,000 protesters, according to a report in The Dallas Morning News.

Scroll down this page to view a live stream of the Thursday Donald Trump rally in Dallas.

A new poll shows that Trump’s public image was already taking a beating, even before his bizarre response to the horrifying mass shooting that killed 49 people at an LGBT-oriented nightclub in Orlando, Florida, early Sunday morning.

As the nation mourned and raised new calls for gun regulations, especially on assault weapons such as the military AR-15 rifle used by the killer in the Orlando massacre, Trump responded by accepting “congrats” from his followers on Twitter.

In another tweet responding to the massacre that also left 53 people wounded, Trump congratulated himself, declaring, “I called it.”

Trump then delivered a speech on Monday in which he renewed his pledge to ban members of the Muslim religion — who constitute about 23 percent of the world’s population — from entering the United States. Earlier, Trump had seemed to walk back that pledge, calling it “just a suggestion.”

Even many Republicans expressed open disapproval of Trump’s response to the overwhelming tragedy in Orlando, as can be seen in the video below from The Washington Post.

Also this week, a hacker infiltrated the Democratic National Committee computer system and took what purports to be a report by DNC researchers compiling damaging information about Trump to be used in the presidential campaign.

Most of the information in the report is taken from the public record, but the document — which as not been confirmed as authentic by the DNC — has circulated this week online. Read the entire “opposition research” Donald Trump report on this page, by scrolling within the frame below.

To watch a live stream of the Donald Trump rally in Dallas, Texas, on Thursday, June 16, click on the video below. The rally is scheduled to get underway at 7 p.m. Central Time at Gilley’s Dallas South Side Ballroom in Dallas — that’s 8 p.m. Eastern Time, 5 p.m. Pacific.

According to a new Washington Post/ABC News poll, the public’s negative view of Donald Trump is skyrocketing. In the poll completed Sunday, before the horrific events in Orlando or the controversial Donald Trump response, a whopping 70 percent of Americans hold an “unfavorable” view of Donald Trump, compared to just 29 percent — fewer than one of every three — who view him in a “favorable” light.

That 70 percent negative rating is the highest since Trump declared his candidacy for the presidency exactly one year to the day prior to his Thursday rally in at the Dallas, Texas, mechanical bull bar.

The same question was asked by pollsters for the same agency one month ago and found that at that time Trump had a record 60 percent “unfavorable” rating compare to just a 37 percent favorable. But over the past 30 days, the esteem in which the American public holds Donald Trump has dropped sharply downward.


At the same time, in his head-to-head matchup against Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, Trump has also suffered. A Bloomberg poll completed on June 13 that showed Clinton with a nationwide 12-point lead over Trump, while a CBS News poll released on the same day showed a six-point lead for Clinton.

In 38 separate head-to-head polls taken by various polling organizations since the beginning of May, Donald Trump has led Hillary Clinton in only three, or eight percent — and Trump has not led at all in the most recent 23 polls matching him against Clinton.

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