Man Laughs, Tells Girlfriend He Has HIV — She Runs Him Over [Graphic Video]

Misty Lee Wilke must have been pretty angry with her boyfriend. As seen in the below video, the 44-year-old Wilke appears to aim straight for her boyfriend, Joseph Valva, as he rides his bicycle. Misty Lee reportedly discovered that her boyfriend was HIV-positive — only after the two had been having sex. Enraged, Wilke ran him over with her car.

Warning: The below video is graphic and might be disturbing to some viewers.

As reported by ABC 15, Misty used her car as a lethal weapon when she stepped on the gas upon seeing her boyfriend on his bike. The event occurred on April 29, reportedly right after Wilke learned from Joseph that he was indeed HIV positive — and apparently not remorseful that Valva hadn’t mentioned that fact prior to the duo having sex.

Court records revealed that authorities were summoned to a nearby park in Arizona after Misty Lee drove her red Mustang into Joseph. As seen in the graphic video, Valva rides his bicycle around the area for a short while before coming face-to-face — or more like face-to-car — with Wilke. When it appears that Misty steps on the gas, Joseph doesn’t have time to get out of her path.

Instead, Joseph is flipped off of his bike as he rolls off the hood of the car and over the car and lands on the pavement. The incident happened near 13th Street and Hatcher Road. An argument had occurred prior to Wilke using her car to exact revenge on her HIV-positive boyfriend.

Witnesses reported that Joseph had left the area but then was on his way back to the park when Misty began driving in circles as if she was attempting to hit her boyfriend with the car.

According to 12 News, the Phoenix woman, Wilke, claimed that Valva laughed when Misty discovered he had HIV. Court records reflect that Misty and Joseph had just begun having sex when she discovered the news. Angered by learning of his HIV status, Misty reportedly pushed Valva.

That’s when Misty claims that Joseph took out a knife, swung it near Wilke, and cut her on the arm. Authorities confirmed that Misty had a small cut of about one centimeter on her arm. After being cut, Wilke went after Joseph as he rode his bike, although she claims that she didn’t intend to hit him.

Joseph suffered a broken back and head trauma.

Eventually, Wilke contacted police about 30 minutes after abandoning her car at a gas station. Despite her claims of Joseph laughing about his HIV status, Misty faces charges of aggravated assault and more because of her reaction to the HIV news. Wilke has also been charged with leaving the scene of the serious accident, which caused injuries, as well as attempting to commit second-degree murder.

The above video shows other people coming to check on Joseph as he gets up, pulls up his pants, and attempts to run away. Instead, Valva runs sideways and falls to the ground. The comments beneath the video reflect the opinion that some folks don’t blame Wilke for trying to run Joseph over. Others disagree.

“Dude was banging her and neglected to mention he is HIV positive. I have to side with her on this one.”

“Depends when he learned he was HIV positive. In either case, she still clearly needs to be prosecuted. There are laws against failing to disclose HIV status, and if that’s what he did, then she should have pursued her recourse through legal channels. Now she’ll be going to prison for far longer than he will (assuming he’s prosecuted at all).”

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