Selena Gomez On Her New Netflix Movie And The Orlando Shooting Victims

Selena Gomez is a drama queen but in a good way. She really knows how to act, and she might even win an award for her latest role in the Netflix movie called Fundamentals Of Caring. What a busy, busy girl, this Selena.

You wonder where she gets all the energy and all the time. Of course, she has this full-blast concert tour called Revival that takes her everywhere. Plus, she has an active dating life, too, although she seems to be very secretive about who she dates. This is quite unlike her BFF, whose secret affair with actor Tom Hiddleston has been splashed all over the pages of tabloid magazines lately.

Taylor Swift may need a lesson or two from Selena Gomez. But TaySwift aside, Disney has really ingrained good acting in Selena. She was so fun to watch as the sorority queen in Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising. She was so witty and bossy at the same time, which are expected of the role.

What’s even more interesting is how Selena Gomez is able to considerably distance herself from her role that sometimes it’s hard to believe that you are actually looking at Selena on the screen. Take Fundamentals Of Caring, for example, where she plays the role of an acerbic-tongued hitchhiker named Dot who meets a new caregiver named Ben played by Paul Rudd, and a care receiver Trevor, played by Craig Roberts.

In this role, Selena Gomez sizzles as well as amuses. Luckily, the movie will be available on Netflix this month, on June 24 to be precise, according to a Billboard article. So it’s not going to be a long wait at all. A Teen Vogue article on the subject criticizes the Selena character Dot for asking too many embarrassing questions regarding muscular dystrophy. The article argues that the character or for that matter, anyone who encounters anybody with a debilitating disease such as muscular dystrophy should do some research first on the condition prior to asking any questions.

That is to avoid putting the other person on the spot. All such constructive criticism is okay, except that Selena Gomez might just be trying to stick to the script given her or that this is really the attitude expected from the Dot character. Anyway, it’s better to reserve any other additional comments until the said movie is at hand.

On the occasion of Selena Gomez’ continuing concert series, Revival, Selena took the opportunity to pay tribute to all the victims of the horrific Orlando mass shooting on June 12, according to Mirror. At the New Orleans, Louisiana leg of her tour on Tuesday, June 14, Selena Gomez said the following to her audience.

“The next song I’m going to sing is actually one of my favorite worship songs, and I think there’s so much craziness that’s going on and it’s important to recognize how people should love people and it’s actually OK. I think we forget that we should all be in this together. This song obviously goes out to all those affected.”

On her concert in Miami, previous to her New Orleans performance, Selena Gomez was overcome by emotions as she remembered her friend Christina Grimmie, who died recently after a crazed fan shot the singer after a performance. In all, it has been a crazy week for Selena, but like Celine Dion, she says that “the show must go on.”

Accordingly, Selena Gomez has continued to give her best to every show knowing fully well that her loyal fans deserve nothing less. Coincidentally, the color scheme in the pop princess’ Revival costume has changed a bit. She now dons a black catsuit instead of the previous white. Although she has been pranked by Chris Rock recently for aping Beyoncé, Selena remains unfazed by all the negative influences around her. This ability is certainly one of Selena Gomez’ strengths which just keeps her going like the Energizer Bunny come hell or high water.

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