Bobby Brown Admits To Using Drugs In Front Of Bobbi Kristina, Blasts Whitney Houston’s Sexuality

R&B singer Bobby Brown released a new memoir this week and held nothing back while going down memory lane, including stories of drug use with former wife Whitney Houston in front of his late daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown.

People reports that in his new book, Every Little Step, Brown went in-depth about his relationship with former wife Whitney Houston, including alleged drug use that happened in front of the couple’s daughter when she was a young child. He referenced Houston’s participation in drugs as habitual, even indicating that her drug problem worsened after Bobbi Kristina was born.

“For some reason Whitney’s drug use got worse after Bobbi Kris was born. Maybe it was because she had to stop using all those months while she was pregnant, but she resumed with a vengeance. I would try to keep Whitney locked in the room, telling her she shouldn’t come in front of our daughter because of the way the drugs affected her. But I couldn’t police Whitney; nobody could police Whitney. She did what she wanted.”

Brown also admitted his part in taking drugs in front of Bobbi Kristina. He wrote he felt like he failed his daughter as a parent due to the tumultuous way she was brought up and the things she had to witness.

“Our daughter was growing up in the middle of all of this. She often saw her mother and father high, and was around the two of us when we were f—ed up. We tried to keep it away from her, but it was hard for us to see her only when we were sober. How much quality time can you spend with your daughter when you’re high all the time? I would get really mad at Whitney, scream and yell that I wanted a divorce. This went on for years and years. Our daughter saw it all. When I think about it now, I just feel enormous pain. We failed her.”

Although he confessed to drug use with his former wife, he denied that he introduced her to them, despite rumors and speculations throughout the years that he turned Houston onto cocaine. In fact, Brown indicated that Houston was using cocaine before they met, and continued to use it long after he cleaned up his act.

Brown’s oldest daughter, LaPrincia Brown, from his former relationship with Kim Ward, also took part in the book. She stated that Houston smoked marijuana in a car with both Bobbi Kristina and Nick Gordon.

“They all started smoking pot together. Yes, she (Houston) was smoking with them.”

Brown also delved into Houston’s past relationship, including an alleged lesbian affair with her business partner and best friend, Robyn Crawford. The relationship rumor, however, has never been substantiated by Houston or Crawford.

The allegations didn’t get past Houston’s mother, Cissy, who’s disturbed that Brown decided to air “dirty laundry” about her daughter, who obviously can’t defend herself.

Prior to the memoir’s release, Brown appeared on 20/20 in an interview with Robin Roberts. Cissy, who watched the interview, was chagrined that all Brown seemed to do was concentrate on Houston while saying nothing at all about his own siblings or parents.

“Last night I saw Bobby Brown’s interview with Robin Roberts. It was disturbing. Although the interview was supposed to promote HIS autobiography, he never spoke about his parents and siblings and any issues they might have or have had that impacted and may continue to impact on ‘Every Little Step’ he takes. Instead he chose to concentrate his comments primarily on Whitney. I can’t help but wonder why.”

Regardless, Every Little Step appears to be doing well. It’s currently No.1 in Amazon’s “Rhythm and Blues” section of “Autobiographies and Memoirs.” One Amazon user called the book “amazing” and an “outstanding read,” while another user wrote that Bobby Brown was honest and emotional in his story.

[Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]